Spring Synonym Printables

Spring themed Synonym Flashcards

Spring is finally in the air! I hope that you are doing well and that the warmer weather reaches you. For Spring themed ELA synonym work, you can have these picture and word printables. Some of these synonym word pairs are either nouns, adjectives or verbs. The Spring Synonym List and the Spring Synonym Flash Cards / Memory Game are both the newest additions available at my TpT Spring themed collection.

The Spring themed synonyms in these printables are delicious/tasty, big/large, above/over, fat/plump, discover/find, pretty/beautiful, assist/help, small/tiny, shy/bashful, smart/intelligent, sad/unhappy, sick/ill, happy/glad, under/below, slim/thin, kind/caring, garbage/trash, calm/peaceful, bloom/blossom, withered/wilted, see/look, nice/kind, hungry/famished, leap/jump, like/enjoy, thought/idea, smell/sniff, cut/trim, clean/tidy, empty/vacant, complete/finish, rainfall/downpour, thaw/melt, delicate/fragile, unusual/strange, tired/sleepy, fast/quick, many/numerous, collect/gather, throw/pelt.

Spring themed Synonym Word List Table

Digital activities for Spring themed synonyms are now available at my Boom Store and TpT Store. These are interactive, self correcting, matching activities with a spring theme.

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