IKEA Kallax Storage Ideas for the Classroom

IKEA Storage Ideas for the Classroom

Do you have an IKEA Kallax storage shelf in your classroom. These are ideas for making the most out of yours. You may already know that they are perfect for keeping everything organized and they can be used for your classroom bookshelf or for storing your manipulatives. But did you know that there are many storage containers of different shapes that are made to fit into the IKEA Kallax shelf? Storage containers, bins, and mini-drawers can all be used and you’ll see below, beautiful examples of how teachers use them to organize their classrooms.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are helpful for finding effective ways to store classroom supplies in an IKEA Kallax shelf.


  • Containers and storage cubes: These clear stacking containers are used for storing manipulatives and craft supplies. They slide in with the locking lids on the side and they don’t need labels because their contents are easily seen. They also fit perfectly into the IKEA Drona frabric storage cubes, which can also fit into the storage unit.

  • File storiage boxes right in your shelf: Your hanging file folders can be placed into file storage boxes that are made to fit an IKEA shelf. I would still prefer a drawer system for ease of access. But the storage boxes make it a cute idea. If you need to store files that you hardly use, and you really just want to have them out of sight and mind, then I would recommend this.

  • Use clear storage bins: There are bins that fit perfectly into the Kallax cubicles. This library uses clear bins for file folders and clear trays for cardstock. These containers allow you to see exactly what’s inside. See more types of clear bins in this blog post.


  • Insert a desk organizer tray: A tray like this can easily store and sort your paper collections. Keep your cardstock or construction paper sheets neat and easily accessible.

  • Use Woven baskets to keep odds and ends: Woven baskets can give a classroom a homey feel and the buil in handles are a plus.

  • Store your board puzzles: There are puzzle racks that are made to hold those thick Melissa and Doug puzzle boards, and the small size fits right in an IKEA shelf.


  • Store larger items in bigger containers: This one comes in two sizes, the 15.5 quart and the 31 quart. They both fit in the IKEA Kallax cubicles. The 15.5 quart can be stacked within the cubicle.

  • Use cubbies as book bins for your Kallax: Bins for a cubby shelf are called cubbies and they are just the right size for storing books in a Kallax. Cubbies are available in different color themes or assorted colors, that you can choose from, to match your classroom theme.

  • Use paper sorters to keep books neat in your Kallax: A simple paper sorter, like this mesh organizer tray, fits perfectly in a Kallax to keep books and papers displayed neatly. You can slide it in vertically or horizontally. A magazine holder works well too.

More ideas will be added soon.