Crayon and Color Pencil Classroom Storage Organization

How to store and organize crayons and color pencils

There are many creative ways to store the crayons and color pencils in your classroom. The most practical ways would allow for the crayons to be sorted in a system that allows students to easily find the colors they need and to be able to return them to their allotted storage spaces. I know that depending on where you are, your students may not be allowed to share crayons or any tools. With all of the hand washing and sanitizing that is going on now, do your students share resources at all? I would like to know. For these situations, each student would need to have his/her own supplies.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for storing your classroom crayons and color pencils.

how to store and organize Crayons and Color Pencils

Color pencil clasroom storage

  • Use large stacking open top trays: These clear tray organizers make it easy to see which colors are being sorted.

  • Use boxes with compartments to sort colors: This storage box set comes in a pack of four. It is the perfect size for kepping crayons organized and sorted. Each box has adjustable grids that you can move around to make that layout that would suit your crayons.


  • Crayola Round Storage Organizer: This Crayola caddy is stackable and it comes in different colors. It has five spacious segments to store pens, pencils, crayons, and more.

  • Sort crayons in modular plastic drawers: Four of these stackable plastic drawers are used for sorting crayons. Each drawer is for a different color crayon.

  • Store crayons in an upright position to make finding colors easy: To avoid kids having to shuffle through crayons to find the right color, keep them standing upright in a caddy. This will be a timesaver for your students.

  • Clear crayon containers for each student: If you need for each student to have his own crayon supply, you can get sets of clear containers with locking lids. These containers also happen to be stackable.


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