How to Store Classroom Clipboards

If you need to know how to store classroom clipboards in bulk without taking up too much space, use these ideas: Classroom clipboards can be stored in milk crates, large baskets, mailbox sorters, clipboard stands, wall mounted organizers, and wire racks. Clipboards can be used for random classroom activities like group work on the floor, partner work around the room, recording observations, read-the-room activities, etc. Teachers are finding creative ways to store clipboards.

You can have a system for each student to have his or her own numbered clipboard that they can keep on their desks when they need to use them. Then after use, they return their clipboard to its numbered slot in the designated storage area.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. These are my tips to show you how to store classroom clipboards in different ways to save space.

How to Store Classroom Clipboards

Classroom clipboards can be stored in a neat stack if you keep them in a container like a milk crate, tray, or basket. If you want to store them separately, each with student papers and handouts, you can use an organizer with labeled slots for each student. Storing student clipboards on the classroom wall does not take up any pathway space or countertop space. See examples of each method of clipboard storage below.

How to Store Classroom Clipboards in Stacks

Store clipboards in a milk crate: A milk crate is sturdy and it is just the right shape and size for keeping your clipboards stacked upright in a neat stack. See more uses for classroom milk crates here.

Use a large basket: Keep your classroom clipboards in a large basket while they are not in use. A tall basket can keep them standing upright and flat rectangular baskets, like these, are for stacking the clipboards flat, one on top the other.

How to Store Classroom Clipboards in Organizers

How to Store Classroom Clipboards

Use a mailbox sorter: Store your clipboards in a classroom mailbox sorter like the ones above. Just label the clipboards at the top and your students can easily pull out theirs.

Use Clipboard Stands: The first clipboard stand above, is used by a teacher to store her clipboards because it is easy for her to move it about in her classroom.  For a much larger set of clipboards, Really Good Stuff has a bigger organizer stand. A wall hanging fan-shaped mesh organizer can also store classroom clipboards right on the wall.

Use wire racks: Wire racks that are used for storing baking trays are durable for storing clipboards. You may need more than one to suit your needs. These can be used horizontally or vertically.

How to Store Classroom Clipboards on walls

Hang clipboards in a wall mounted organizer: A wall mounted wire framed organizer is perfect for storing classroom clipboards.

Hang clipboards on the classroom wall: Clipboards can be stored on the wall space under your whiteboard. Use hooks to hang them by the hole in their clips. These adhesive hooks are really sticky and adhere to the wall instantly. Since they are actually made for holding up pans in the kitchen, they can definitetly hold clipboards. I love that they have clear backings, so they won’t be an eyesore when the clipboards are off.

How to Store Classroom Clipboards at student Desks

Use seat sacks: For each student seated at a desk, individual clipboards can be stored in the desk, in a sack that hangs on the back of the chair or on the side of the desk.

Use a basket under the seat or desk: I’ve seen teachers use zip ties to secure milk crates or baskets to the feet of the students’ chairs or desks. These baskets would be used to store the students’ supplies including their clipboards and dry-erase lapboards.

Stick clipboards to desks: If your students’ desks are metal, you can stick magnetic tape on the back of each clipboard to easily have them stick on the desks.

To make the most out of your clipboard storage system, create rules with your students for caring for the clipboards. Every clipboard should have the teacher’s name on the back in case it gets lost outside of the classroom, so that it can be returned.

There are even more options for storing clipboards using either standing or hanging wire mesh storage racks. I put together some examples of these racks in this blog post.