9 Cute Summer Themed Classroom Bulletin Boards

Summer Themed Classroom Bulletin Boards

Are you looking for inspiration for creating summer themed classroom bulletin boards? If you want to create a summer bulletin board for your classroom, I’ve got some ideas for you to try. This will be a growing collection of Summer themed bulletin boards and doors. There will be lots of cut-outs of suns and surfboards. The main color themes you would need are yellow and blue but you can add other complementary colors to it like green or orange.

I love to find awesome bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Summer themed classroom bulletin boards.

Summer Themed Classroom Bulletin Boards

summer bulletin board floating into summer

‘Floating into Summer’ bulletin board: This bulletin board set has the letters and the float cutouts. You can add pictures of your students to the circle float cutouts.

summer bulletin board offishally summer

‘It’s O-Fish-Ally Summer’ bulletin board: This bulletin board is easy to make. All of the words, cutouts, and border trims came from this summer themed classroom bulletin board set.

Hello Summer Bulletin Board with lollies: This Summer themed classroom bulletin board Hello Summer is anchored on the Pacon weathered wood paper and is decorated with summer cutouts.

Summer themed Work display bulletin board: The suns are used on this bulletin board to give it a summer theme. Change out the suns for another theme later on.

Hello Summer beachy bulletin board: Make a Summer themed bulletin board like this using flip flop accents, surfboard cut outs, mason jar cut outs, and sunglasses accents.

Make a ‘Ways to Shine Your Brightest’ bulletin board: Make a ‘Ways to Shine Brighter’ Summer bulletin board with a large sun. On the rays, there are tips for students like ‘love, accecpt and forgive yourself’, ‘treat or talk to yourself like you would to someone you care about’, ‘let go of the things you can’t control, and focus on what you can’, and ‘take care of your body’. The teacher added these string lights to make it even brighter.

Summer Themed Classroom Door Bulletin Boards

‘Sailing into Summer’ Summer themed bulletin board: This classroom door has the words ‘Sailing into Summer’ with cute sailboat cut-outs for students’ names.

summer themed classroom door bees

Busy Bees Summer Classroom Door: This design was made with a large 37 piece bulletin board set.

Summer Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

Here are little things you can do to add Summer elements to your classroom:

Add sun rays to your classroom clock: Many teachers change the cut-outs around their classroom clock from Spring flower petals to yellow sun rays around the clock.

Make a sun focal point with students’ names: Each student is a shining ray of sunlight with this sun bulletin board.

For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

More ideas for summer themed classroom bulletin boards will be added as I find them. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.