The Best Caddies for Classrooms

Classroom caddies are an essential tool for teachers to share out organized sets of resources to student groups. All classroom caddies must have a handle at the top for easy one-handed carrying. Some caddies have a swivel at the bottom so that you can rotate them like a Lazy Susan. You may already have your own decided preference for the type of classroom caddy you’d want but there are many types out there to be discovered. Generally, the best classroom caddies would have deep compartments, be made of a thick durable material, and have a carrying handle.

Uses for classroom caddies:

  • As table bins
  • Color coding student resources
  • For moving tools to different stations
  • For sorting and storing classroom tools

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The Best Caddies for Classrooms


  • Storex Classroom Caddies in Assorted Colors: If you do color coding for your classroom organization systems or if you want a very colorful classroom, you will like these assorted caddies in different colors. Tip: these tiny containers fit right into the largest compartment in the caddy to store smaller sorted items.


  • Stanley Removable 4 Cup Caddy: This caddy has four deep compartments and it can hold about 30 pairs of scissors, 28 glue sticks and a ton of coloring pencils.

  • Galvanized Metal Caddy: A metal caddy would be the strongest and most durable option.

  • Classroom Caddy without dividers: Just in case you might want one with no dividers at all, I found this translucent bucket caddy for you.

More caddy ideas will be added soon.

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