The Best Under Desk File Cabinets for Classrooms

The best place to keep a small file cabinet in your classroom is under your teacher desk. This keeps your filing system within easy reach, and it makes good use of empty space. These small file cabinets usually have 3 drawers with the last drawer being the largest and the one for storing files. Other drawers are for storing all the other small stationery items that may otherwise be cluttering your teacher desk. Classroom file cabinets can vary by drawer size, color, and material. A classroom desk area looks more cohesive when your desk matches your filing cabinet. The color and materials should go together or complement each other.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds for the best under desk file cabinets for classrooms. I saved the most luxurious one for last. The first cabinet is the most economic.

  • DEVAISE 3-drawer mobile file cabinet: This small classroom cabinet is the most affordable but it does not feel or look cheap at all. The drawers slide easily, and it is very sturdy. It can take the weight of a small printer on it. The wood finish would add a homey touch to your classroom.

  • INVIE 3-Drawer metal file cabinet: This gray classroom file cabinet has a modern design and it comes fully assembled. It is perfect for a small classroom and can fit right under your teacher desk. It is made of reinforced steel in its frame and it can double as a printer stand for a heavy printer.

  • INTERGREAT Black 3-Drawer metal file cabinet: This classroom file cabinet has a very sturdy steel construction and the drawers slide smoothly. It is hard to tell in the picture that it has a small top drawer, a larger middle storage drawer, and the bottom drawer is the roomy file drawer for your classroom records.

  • White DEVAISE 3 Drawer File Cabinet: The classroom cabinet comes mostly pre-assembled. The steel frame of this file cabinet is strong and can store heavy loads. The drawers open and close smoothly and the bottom drawer has extra large storage space. The height of the cabinet is just right for a teacher’s desk.


  • DEVIASE Fully Assembled Locking file cabinet (black): This classroom file cabinet comes fully assembled so no actual installation is needed expect for setting up the four wheels. The package also includes a drawer organizer with compartments, making it a lot easier to organize small stationery items that you would rather not have on your teacher desk. The white cabinet in the picture above is slightly different but each type comes in black or white.

Slim classroom File Cabinet Fully Assembled

  • DEVIASE Slim File Cabinet Fully Assembled: I love the rounded edges on this cabinet. It is compact with a narrow design. Great for if you are really tight on space in your classroom. The drawers slide easily, and it is very sturdy. It comes in white or black and has steel construction.


  • INTERGREAT Classroom File Cabinet, White: This 3-drawer file cabinet comes in white, black, blue, gray, and orange. The rounded corners are a safety feature that a teacher can appreciate. I like its modern design, its storage capacity, and the fact that it comes in so many other colors. It is also quite strong and can bear heavy weight. So classroom items can be stored both in it and on it.

  • VARIDESK Fully Assembled File Cabinet: This 3-drawer file cabinet is built like a tank and has soft-close drawers. It seems to be the strongest cabinet of its size that can be found, even in stores. It has a rear cable opening for the secure charging of phones. It also has locking wheels so that when you pull open a drawer, the unit stays in place.

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