The Best Dry Erase Lapboards for Classrooms

Students love using dry erase lapboards for guided classwork activities. A good quality classroom lapboard must be thick and durable, have rounded edges, be scratch resistant, and it must have a smooth surface that erases clean. Many lapboards are sold in bulk and teachers can choose the amount of boards to suit the number of students in their classrooms.

I love to find awesome classroom ideas for teachers. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Learn more. The ideas and paid links below are my Amazon finds for The Best Dry Erase Lapboards for Classrooms.

  • Small lapboards for little hands: These are small whiteboards that come with erasers. They are the right size for kindergarteners.

  • Double sided dry erase lapboards: The boards are simple, but they are sturdy and of a good size for small hands to work with. This set comes with erasers and markers too but the quality of the markers are not as great as that of the lapboards.

  • Use dry erase self-adhesive vinyl circles: These dry-erase circles are an alternative to lapboards. They are becoming popular because teachers love that they stay put on the desks. One teacher said that she is happy that she never has to hear the sound of lapboards falling on the floor!

  • Use Ultra 4 in 1 lapboards for classrooms: These can be used as a slant board, a clipboard, a magnetic surface, and a and a dry-erase board. That’s four uses in one lapboard. 

  • Store magnetic maniplulatives in folding lapboards: You can can store magnetic manipulatives right inside a folding lapboard and use it as a standup board, or lay it on one side, so that it’s tilted for kids to pull out the manipulatives.

Did you know that lapboards are thick and strong enough to be turned into clipboards? Just add clipboard clips at the tops. 

How to Store Classroom Lapboards 

Classroom lapboards can be stored in classroom mailboxes, organizer trays, seat sacks, milk crates, and large storage bins. These dry ersase boards are stored in seat sacks. You can store your lapboards in the same ways that you would store clipboards. See many creative ways to store classroom clipboards in this blog post.

Magentic Dry Erase Boards are a more versatile option for students. Small magnetic dry erase boards can do even more than a regular dry erase board. What can students use with magnetic dry erase boards? For magnetic boards students can use magnetic counters and numbers for math, magnetic letters for spelling, magnetic fraction pieces, magnetic place value blocks, and magnetic money for math.


A lightweight magnetic whiteboard like this can be used as a lapboard for virtual learning. It is light enough to held up comfortably. They are available in bulk for classroom use.