How to Hang Decorations from Your Classroom Ceiling

Are you looking for ideas for how to hang decorations from your classroom ceiling? You know that a teacher goes all out when the classroom is decorated from the floor to the ceiling. Aside from decorative pompoms and paper lanterns, students’ art work and crafts are usually displayed in mid air, hanging from the classroom ceiling. This is easily done with the right tools.

Just use ceiling clip hooks and a reach extender, and you will have your grid hangings set up in a flash. You can also use magnetic hooks, ceiling hanger hooks, or command hooks.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. These are my tips to show you how to hang decorations from your classroom ceiling with either hooks or tape.

How to Hang Decorations from Your Classroom Ceiling Using Hooks

Teachers use magnetic hooks, ceiling hooks, command hooks, or ceiling hanger clips to keep decorations suspended from the classroom ceiling. See details about how they are used below:

Use magnetic hooks: Believe it or not, yes, you can use magnetic hooks to hold up ceiling decorations in your classroom. Not all magnetic hooks are as strong as you’d like but these hooks have powerful magnets that hold fast to the celing grid and can vertically lift up to twenty-two pounds. This is one of the easiest method for how to hang decorations from your classroom ceiling.

Use ceiling hanger clips: These are double ended plastic clips with a hanging chain in the middle. The upper clip is made to slide over the ceiling grid frames. The clip below is used to hang student work. I’m afraid of heights and if you’re like me, you’ll want to be able to hang these up without having to do any ladder climbing. You can use this grid clip put-er up-er attachment to easily apply all of the ceiling clips. Just add it to the end of a broom stick and it is ready to be used. When teachers are asked about how to hang decorations from your classroom ceiling, this is how most of them do it.

Use Command hooks: If you want to hang pennant streamers in a starburst pattern, use command hooks to hang up each end on your classroom ceiling.

metal ceiling hooks for classroom ceiling decorations

Use metal ceiling hooks: Metal hooks are designed to hook through the ceiling frames. Some have a loop on the end and others have a hook for you to hang things from. I prefer the one with the hooks on the end like this one.

classroom ceiling hooks clear plastic

Use clear ceiling hooks: These are clear hooks that hook from the ceiling frames. They are great for hanging up string lights so that the lights don’t touch the ceiling.

How to Hang Decorations from Your Classroom Ceiling using Tapes

Strong mounting tape or a combination of painter’s tape with hot glue can be used to hang up decorations from your classroom ceiling. See exampes of how teachers do this below:

How to hang decorations from your classroom ceiling

Use clear exterior mounting tape: A thick clear tape,  like Gorilla tape, is almost invisible but strong enough to stay on your ceiling through the changing seasons. These rainbow streamers are big and colorful but very ligthtweight.

Use painter’s tape and hot glue: If the decorations that you are hanging is to be adhered to the ceiling and not suspended from a hook, stick it on directly using painter’s tape and hot glue. This trick is explained in detail here. This method is best for having decorations that will cover the tape underneath it, like the paper garland circles do in the picture above.

More ideas for hanging up classroom ceiling decorations will be added as I find them. Have you discovered a new way to hang up your decorations? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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