The 5 Best Thermal Laminators for Teachers

The Best Thermal Laminators for Teachers

This is a collection of the best thermal laminators for teachers. Every classroom teacher needs a thermal laminator for making centers, posters, and write on wipe off worksheets. The best laminators would have multiple heat settings, a safety switch off timer, and a paper guide for straight sliding of the sheets. The Scotch Thermal Laminator is the best for classroom use. There are other laminators that teachers use from brands like Crenova, Fellows, and Merece.

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Hot Thermal Laminators for Teachers

This is a list of the best classroom laminators for teachers:

Scotch Thermal Laminator (Newer Model): This is best laminator for teachers and it is what I use. This newer model doesn’t need a paper tray guide like the older model because the loading tray is lower and more horizontal. It is also one of the most affordable thermal laminators for teachers.

Fellows Ayla 125 Laminator: This classroom laminator heats up quickly and has settings for 3 mil and 5 mil thick laminating pouches. It has a wide feed opening that will accommodate pouches up to 12-1/2 inches wide, which is a step-up from most small laminators. It’s a slim design (approx. 17”x4”) so doesn’t take up much room on the work area. It come with a printing guide that attaches at the back.

Small Scotch Pro Laminator: This little thermal laminator has an anti jamming system. It’s small size is perfect for laminating letter and legal sized papers. It automatically shuts off an hour after use.

Hot and Cold Thermal Laminators for Classroom Use

Merece Classroom Laminator: This is both a hot and cold laminator and it comes with pouches in different sizes. It also has a paper trimmer and paper rounder. If you do happen to leave the heat switch on for too long it makes tapping noises to remind you that it is still on.

Crenova laminator: This hot/cold laminator heats up within 2 minutes and easily laminates classroom items. It comes with various sizes of lamination sleeves, a cutter and a round corner tool.

Once you have your laminator, you’ll enjoy using it so much that you will be looking for things to laminate.

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