6 Easy Classroom DIY Zip Tie Projects

Are you thinking of doing classroom DIY zip tie projects? Every teacher needs to keep zip ties on hand for DIY classroom organization. They are used for organizing wires and cables, but also for tying shelving, furniture, and carts.  You can use the super strong zip ties which permanently lock into place for heavy duty bundling of cables, or for securing different classroom items together without having to use a drill or nail gun.

I love to find awesome classroom DIY ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are easy classroom DIY hacks for zip ties.

DIY Zip Tie Projects for Classrooms

Make adjustable shelves: Use modular wire grid shelving and some zip ties to create your unique shelf for storing your construction paper or cardstock.

Secure your charging rack to your docking system: For DIY device charging carts or racks, use zip ties to secure your tablet or laptop storage racks above your charging hub. They can both be zip tied to a wire shelf, peg board, taple top organizer, etc.

For classroom safety: Using zip ties help prevent students from accidentally kicking, unplugging, or tripping on their cords.

To build classroom furniture: These milk crates were connected with matching white zip ties to create a classroom bookshelf.

Color code classroom cables:  Use assorted zip ties for cable management. This teacher uses them in several iPad carts. They do what they are supposed to do while looking cool with their different colors.

Emergency fixes: It is just a good idea to keep some tip ties around in case of a ‘hardware’ emergency. If something breaks apart or bends, it can be supported or fixed temporarily with zip ties and tape, until you can get it fixed.

DIY construction projects: It is amazing to see what teachers can create for their classrooms. A kitchen rack for pot lids is zip tied to a milk crate to make a charging station for laptops. Wow!

Use zip ties to attach S hooks to a window grate: This window grate is being used as a storage area for student backpacks. The zip ties keep the ‘S’ hooks secured to the grate.

no share pouches zip tied to student desks for student supplies

Use zip ties to tie student supply pouches to their desks: You can keep student supplies in pouches and tie each pouch to a student desk. The horizontal bars under the student tables or chairs are what you can tie the zip ties on.

Zip Tie Alternatives for Classroom Use

zip tie alternative velcro strips

Temporary sorting: Use the Velcro ties or magnetic ties for temporary organizing or color coding of classroom cords. These ties are easy to open and close if you need to reuse them for a new purpose.

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