How to Store Bulletin Board Papers

Every teacher needs to know how to store bulletin board papers. Many teachers need to store their bulletin board supplies so that they can be used when they need to create a quick bulletin board display. Bulletin board papers are best stored in rolls that are stacked neatly together. You can store them in bulletin board paper storage bins, over the door racks, storage stands, wall mounted racks, and gift wrap organizers.

You can also use these bulletin board paper storage ideas for storing your classroom charts, poster boards, and anchor charts. See how teachers are storing their bulletin board supplies in the pictures below.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are storage solutions for bulletin board papers.

How to Store Bulletin Board Papers in Grid Boxes

When teachers are asked about how to store bulletin board papers with the rolls standing up in vertical rolls, this is how most of them do it. They use grid storage boxes, or other types of storage with grid lines, which keep the bulletin board paper rolls upright. Your bulletin board paper rolls can be stored in any of these grid storage examples:

Bulletin Board Paper Roll Stand: Teachers know how to improvise. This is actually a stand for umbrellas! The use of umbrella stands is becoming an increasingly popular idea for storing bulletin board paper. See how perfect it is for storing these bulletin board sheets. Each paper roll can be clearly seen so you will always know the color options that you have.

Bulletin board paper roll storage box: This is made of cardboard and the slots can be taken out or adjusted. Store it away in a corner in your classroom. It can hold different sizes of paper rolls. See the size adjustment guide to see different ways of layering the slots to make varied storage sizes for the bulletin board papers. It is made by Classroom Keepers.

A paper roll organizer cart: This is a strong wire cart on wheels. It keeps bulletin board papers upright and neatly stored. It comes in two sizes – the 20 slot version has slots that are 4″ x 4″ and 12 slot version has slots that are 5″ x 5″. I would prefer to use the smaller stand with wider grid slots because I do not like to have my bulletin board papers rolled up too tightly.

Bottle racks with defined circles: Stylish bottle racks or wine racks can be used as long as they have defined circles to hold each bulletin board paper roll in place. Some can stand upright, and others are designed for the rolls to be horizontal. You can choose the option that would work for your space.

Vinyl holders: I know that the grid holes in a vinyl holder are small, but if you remove the cardboard rolls from your bulletin board paper rolls, they would fit in the holder.

How to Store Bulletin Board Papers in Storage Bins

The storage bins for bulletin board papers can be tall free-standing containers, wall mounted rack bins, and large stow away tote bags.

When it comes to bulletin board paper storage bins, it is necessary to have a clear storage bag or a see-through bin, so that you will not have to go searching through and pulling out each roll, to see the papers that you have.

See example of these storage bins below:

Wall mounted storage organizer: This wall mounted rack can be installed on a wall or door. Store away your bulletin board paper rolls to keep them damage free for the next time you need to use them.

A vertical storage container for bulletin board paper: This unique container is specially made for storing large paper rolls. The bin part looks like a regular bin but it has handles and clips for attaching the lid. The lid part is transparent so you can see the patterns of the paper through it. I love this idea.

How to Store Bulletin Board Papers in storage bins

Bulletin board paper roll storage bin: This metal storage bin is both functional and pleasing to the eyes. I love wire mesh bins! It is suitable if you only have a few rolls of bulletin board paper to store and if you are also short on space. It is one of the most affordable options in this list. See the price here on Amazon.

Clear zippered gift wrap organizers: Think of this as a large clear tote bag for bulletin board paper rolls that are shorter than two and a half feet. This is the most affordable way to store bulletin board papers. See the price here at Amazon.

Over the Door Bulletin Board Paper Storage

Use handbag organizers: This hanging handbag organizer is being used to store rolls of vinyl. If two organizers like this are hung side by side, long rolls of bulletin board paper can be jointly stored horizontally in them both. The pictures above with the vinyl rolls are just to help you visualize it. This is another very cost effective option for storing bulletin board paper rolls.

How to Keep Your Bulletin Board Papers Rolled Up

I know that many teachers use tape and rubber bands to roll their bulletin board papers. I would not recomend that you do that. If you use rubber bands to roll your paper, it would cause permanent creasing. Tapes are also damaging because when you try to remove the tape, it can tear your paper or leave sticky tape film on your paper. Use Velcro ties to keep your bulletin board papers in neat rolls, without causing any damage to the paper.

I hope this has helped you get ideas for how to store bulletin board papers in the most organized way possible.

Did I miss any other bulletin board paper storage idea? If you use a different method, please share it in the comments below. I love to see how teachers can use everyday items in really innovative ways in the classroom.