10 Best Classroom Binder storage Ideas

Every teacher needs practical classroom binder storage ideas to maintain on organized filing sysyem for binders. Teachers use binders for subject notes, school forms, lesson plans, and student records. You can never have too many binders in your classroom.

Unfortunately, binders can fall over, especially if they are only half full of pages. It reminds me of toppling dominoes. I’m sure you have experienced that when you pull out one binder from your shelf, the other binders lean in. 

All of the following ideas can help to keep your binders upright, even if you pull out one from the line up. The binder racks will keep the space with placeholder bar spacers for when you return the binder in its place.

I love to find awesome classroom storage ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for keeping classroom binders upright.

Classroom Binder storage Ideas For Keeping Binders Upright

How to keep binders upright? Use bakeware sorting racks, wire rod magazine racks, or collapsible binder holders. The partitions in these classroom binder storage ideas will keep your binders upright at all times, even when a binder is removed, the others will remain upright and will not shift their position. This really is important because no one wants to see a messy line up of leaning binders. I like to keep my shelves looking neat and organized.

These are the types of binder racks that will keep your binders standing upright in a vertical position:

Keep binders in a bakeware sorting rack: This teacher keeps her binders in wire racks (#ad). Each slot holds two 1″ binders. The racks are made of steel and each one has nine compartment spaces. This is one of the most affordable and long lasting classroom binder storage ideas that I have found.

Use a free standing wire rod magazine rackThis wood base rack (#ad) can hold five binders and keep them upright. When it is full, it seems invisible because all you will see is just the neat binders.

Get stylish with classy wire racks for binders: This brass stand (#ad) has eight slots. That’s the benefit of wire racks. They tend to have more slots.

Use collapsible binder holders: Did you know that there are collapsible binder holders? Each compartment can be shrunk if you you not need it. Just press two panels together to shrink, and pull them apart to expand.

Get binder holders with wide compartments for large 3″ binders: If you have large binders, then you’ll need wider slot spaces to fit them. These binder holders have 3″ compartments for the wide binders. They are available in two sizes: three compartments and four compartments.

Use vertical standing binder cube racks: These cube racks work perfectly for teacher binder shelving. They are stackable and be used to hold bolth binders, teacher books, and for organizing student binders.

Classroom Binder storage Ideas for Veritcal Shelving

Storage organizer for ring binders

Hang your binders in a mesh organizer for walls: If you have a few binders that you want to keep separate from other books and stationery, use a wall hanging wire mesh organizer to store them. Each slanted slot can hold two or three binders and the wire frame is very strong for the job. Organizers like this can also be placed on a table top but you would have to use ties to anchor it to something because they tend to tip over and fall forward. They are best for hanging up on your classroom wall.

Fan Shaped Binder Storage Units

Store binders in a round edged corner shelf: This corner shelf has tiers that you can stack vertically and you can line them up adjacently like a semicircle. This shelf shape is actually perfect for fitting binders since they have that wedge shape or fan shape.

Use a Fan Shaped Binder Stand: Technically, this an organizer for files and papers. But teachers are using it for their binders, both for vertical or horizontal arrangements. The fan shape suits binders perfectly. It is available in black and in gray.

Classroom Binder storage Ideas for Stacking binders Horizontally

binder storage in desktop file organizer horizontal stacking

Keep binders that are frequently used in a desktop file paper organizer: This mesh file paper organizer is being used to keep important binders right on the desk and within reach for quick and easy access.

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I hope you have found practical classroom binder storage ideas from ths blog post. Have you discovered a different way to keep you binders upright? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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