3 Fun Halloween Sequencing Activities -Cards, Games, and Puzzles

Halloween Sequencing Puzzles

Are you looking for some Halloween sequencing activities for your students? These are many Halloween Sequencing Activities that are created in the form of flashcards, digital sorting activities, and puzzles. I created twelve sequencing events that your students can do in batches or as a whole with all twelve sequences. Each sequencing item has 3-step sequences.

Some of the activities are based on common Halloween traditions, like carving a pumpkin, whereas others are based on fictional characters, such as Vampires and Witches.

Halloween Sequencing Activities – Sorting Mat Worksheets

The Halloween Sequence Puzzles and sorting mat worksheets, (see picture above) are in a PDF which includes 12 puzzles and three sorting mats for the puzzles. The sorting mats have a worksheet section for students to write the order of the sequencing steps (see the picture below). Click on any of the activites here to see a detailed listing of each of the twelve sequences.

The 12 Halloween sequencing events in each of the sorting cards, Boom cards, and worksheets are: The Vampire turns into a bat, The Monster eats a book, The Martian comes to Earth, The witch gets ready to go out, Decorating for a Halloween party, Spiderlings hatch from eggs, Halloween girl growing up, Halloween boy growing up, Carving a pumpkin, Making gross zombie drinks, The Witch enchants her new broom, and Decorating Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Sequencing Activities – Sorting Cards

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Halloween Sequencing Flashcards with an Easel Activity: This is a PDF download of 36 sequence sorting cards both in color and black and white. Students will have fun matching up the three steps. Each sequence is all about a different Halloween situation and will be shown on three cards to show step 1, 2, and 3. This set has 36 cards; twelve sequence activities in three steps.

Halloween Sequencing Activities – Interactive Deck for Boom Learning

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Halloween Themed Interactive Sequencing Activity for Boom Learning℠: This one is perfect for distance learning and you can assign Boom decks with Google Classroom™. It is 12 sets of self-grading Boom Cards™ for students to order pictures of Halloween sequences that are randomly shown at different stages of completion. They are hosted on the Boom Learning℠ platform. This is one of the most interactive Halloween sequence activities that you will find.

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See my collection of Halloween themed sequencing activities here from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files.

See lots of other themed-based sequencing activity blog posts here.

For more sequence activities that are not themed based, I created activities can be used at any time during the school year. See my Sequencing of Everyday Events Cards, and my 3-Step Sequencing Cards.

tabletop pocket chart for sequence cards and sequence puzzles

I love to find tools that can be helpful for student group work. I recommend using a tabletop pocket chart with your small groups for sequencing activities. It can be used with the sequence cards and the sequence puzzles. A magnetic tabletop pocket chart can also be used if you add magnetic tape to the back of your laminated sequence cards.

If you have any questions, you can ask me using the comment section below.

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