17 End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students

End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students

Are you looking for end of year classroom gift ideas for students in your class? At the end of the school year, your students will be soon going on to the Summer break and then unto a new class. A parting gift from you, their teacher, gives them something to keep to remind them of they time they spent in your class.

You can make personilized gift bags for them that contain a graduation certificate, a spacial note from you, and a treat. The ideas below are gift bag fillers that you can add to your students’ personalized gift bags.

I love to find awesome classroom ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making end of year or graduation gift bags for students.

End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students

Share out rainbow keyrings: This teacher got these cute rainbow keyrings for her fourth grade students and added tags with the line ‘You made this school year bright!’.

end of year gifts for studsents bubble wands

Give out bubble wands: Add a tag to bubble wands (paid link) with words like ‘You blew me away this year’. I found a free template for bubble wand gifts on TPT which reads ‘I hope your Summer bubbles with fun’.

Stationery gifts: Add pencils, pens, crayons, and markers to clear slim bags. This can also be gift bag fillers for students.

Make bookworm treat bags with gummy worms: This teacher added a tag that reads ‘Bookworms to keep you company while you read this Summer’. She used sour gummy worms and  4″ x 6″ bags.

End of Year Joke Book for Kids: I created this joke book for students to celebrate the end of exams, and to enjoy new things like Graduation and the Summer break.

I also have some End of Year Bookmarks that can be used a bag fillers.

End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students – Popper Launchers and Pop-Its

Popper Launchers and Pop-Its for older students: These little launchers are very springy and lots of fun for kids. Even big kids like them. Ms. Summa, an eigth grade teacher, recommends this an an end of year gift for older students. She added the tag ‘Don’t forget to pop by to say hi’ to hers. A tag like that would also work for giving them pop-it key chains.

Flashlights for students: Use flashlight gifts to remind your students to continue to make the world a brighter place as they move onto a new class.

Make shrinky dink keychains: There is a special paper that shrinks when you bake it. Students can draw a design on it with markers, then cut them out, and the teacher can bake the designs. The result would be small personalized keychain charms that students can give to each other and their teacher.

Give out Scratch Art notepads: Students love to doodle on scratch out notepads. It is more fun than regular paper because they get addicted to drawing more to reveal the colorful rainbow colors under each page. It makes for a bag stuffer that both boys and girls will enjoy.

Summer Themed End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students

Cool Summer gift bags: This one is really easy to out together because you only need a curly straw and Kool-Aid in a bag with a note about wishing your students a ‘Kool’ Summer.

Fill empty beach buckets with beachy treats: If the end of your school year meets Summer, go with a beach theme for your gift idea. These mini buckets come with spades, and you can add a pair of shades and a bubble blower to make it match the season.

Seed Paper Cards: Make cards for your students with seed paper hearts in them. Use words like ‘I loved watching you grow all year! Now you can plant these seeds and watch them grow this Summer’.

Bright future shades: Get each student a pair of shades for the Summer and add a tag like ‘Your future is so bright, you’ve got to wear shades’. These shades are small, for young children.

end of year gift bag books for students Summer brain quest

Summer themed Activity Books: These activity books are for second and third graders. They can help to keep students busy over the Summer vacation. See more end of year books for kids here.

Personalized D.I.Y. End of Year Classroom Gift Ideas for Students

Make crayon names: Collect crayon nibs all school year by having a designated bin for discarded crayons. Use an alphabet mold to bake batches of letters from crayons bits. See this blog post for instructions. These gift bags are shaped just right for it and they come with the twist ties. Students will feel really special to have their own names created in colorful crayon swirls.

Use spelly straws to make students’ names: These can be added to the gift bags. Simple words like SMILE or LOVE can also be created with these spelly straw letters.

Student Gift Bags for End of Year Gifts

Use non-woven gift bags: Group up more than one different items (like the ideas above) into gift bags for your students as end of year gifts. Add a cute tag, some ribbon and patches. I found two free tags similar to the ‘bag of sunshine’ tag in the picture. This tag is free and this other one are sets of tags that include ‘bag of sunshine’ tags (also free).

End Of Year Gift Bag Tips

Decorate classroom supplies with washi tape before you add them to gift bags: Many gift bags will have essential classroom supplies like erasers, rulers, and pencils. Find a washi tape with a floral or holiday pattern to wrap over the eraser boxes to make them really pop.

I hope you have found some End of Year classroom gift ideas for students from this blog post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

See my collection of end of year awards here. These awards are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files.

Some of the end of year gift ideas in this post were end of year books for students. There are many more books for the end of the school year that your students will love. See the book collection in this blog post.

More ideas will be added soon.