The Best Individual No Share Student Supply Kits

No-share Student Supply Kits for Classrooms

Are you looking for tips on having individual no share student supply kits for students? Using community supplies carries the risk of spreading germs in the classroom. It is best to keep each student supplied with everything that is needed in student supply kits right at their desk. No group caddies or community bins should be used. Seat sacks can hold larger items like clipboards and dry-erase boards. Assign each student with a number to keep all ‘rentable’ items like iPads and earphones labeled with that number so that each item is used only by that assigned student. 

The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making no-share student supply kits. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links.

How to manage Individual Student Supply Kits

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Number each container: Keep everything numbered so that each student only uses the items that have their assigned number on them. You can use vinyl numbers or number sticker labels like in the picture above.

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Pack containers for students’ everyday essentials: These containers are the perfect size to hold the basics. They are transparent enough to have the contents seen and a name tag cover can be added on the inside. It is way more affordable than similar Sterilite versions. The pictures above shows the medium size which I think works for all students in general.

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Smaller and larger sizes are also available and all sizes are sold in bulk, in packs of ten.

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Have designated storage areas for each student’s belongings: Use student lockers for large items and the bulk of their books. Also have labeled book bins set out for them to keep items that they would be using often. See all the different types of resources that can be stored in book bins in this blog post.

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Number Storage Cubbies: Apply individual 3″ number stickers to your storage cubbies so that each student can have full access to what is in the cubby with their number on it. You can also put name tags on them instead. These wall mounted cubby shelves have the cubbies in them and the teacher keeps sanitizing wipes on top the shelf area. I created different free name tag templates that you can print and use.

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Have individual activity trays: Trays keep each student’s items for activities together and they help to define their individual space when working beside each other.

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Use Clear Zipper Pouches: Clear pouches with different colored zips can be used to make individual supply kits that match table colors in your classroom. The color coding helps students to be able to easily find their assigned pouches and the teacher can easily notice when they don’t return the kits to the appropriate shelves. See how teachers are using these types of clear pouches for classroom organization in this blog post.

If you need four to five pouches in seven colors, these pouches would fit the bill. The pouch material is see through enough to tell whether or not all the contents are there. The pouches in the picture were each supplied with a set of 24 colored pencils, 10 markers, 2 sizes of Sharpies, a thick black marker, an eraser, a ruler, and a compass.

no share classroom crates

Keep larger items in a milk crate by each student’s desk: Milk crates or large baskets can be stationed at the feet of the students’ desks to keep clipboards, notebooks, textbooks, dry-erase boards, etc.

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Keep students supplies in pouches tied to their desks: Use zip ties to keep binder pouches fastened to student desks. If your students’ desks or chairs have any horizontal bars in their frames, use these bars as the anchors to loop the zip ties.

These pouches are some of the few pencil pouch designs where the zipper is in a position where it would be towards the top when attached to the desk. They have a front pocket where students can keep their calculators. It makes it very easy to visually check that none are missing. The second pocket of the pouch is roomy enough to hold color pencils, a hand sharpener, a dry erase marker, a dry erase eraser, as well as the occasional manipulative, scissors, or glue. The assorted colors will help for organizing seating assignments based on color.

no share pouches in binders

Keep pencil pouches in student binders: Use zippered pencil binder pouches to hold materials for small groups.

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Using clear containers is the easiest way to make student supply kits. Labels for the contents are optional since the items on the iside can be sen from the outside. You would only need to put you students names on their containers. I have some free labels for names here and you can see a collection of clear containers for the classroom here.

Another method of storing student supplies is to hang them up on the wall on individual hooks. This would be for items like aprons, headphones, and centers. See examples of these hooks being used in this blog post.

I hope you have found ideas for individual no share student supply kits through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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