30 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Are you trying to find Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students? Students really look forward to sharing and receiving gifts for Valentine’s Day at school. Simple items can be dressed up with a cute note to become Valentine’s Day gifts with meaning. Practical items like scented pens and pencils, little torchlights, bubble blowers and friendship bracelets are the simple things that kids love.

Parents and teachers can use any of the ideas below to make Valentine’s Day gifts for students. Many of them are party favors, useful tools, or thoughtful gift ideas that will make your kids feel special. I included some links to free printable gift tags, free bag toppers, and other free templates that can be used with the Valentine’s Day gift ideas in this list.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Stacking Crayons: These stacking crayons connect from end to end. You can make them as long as a pencil or as short as a crayon. Get a free printable for this idea here from TpT.

Bubble wannds for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Share out bubble blowers: Bubble blowers can have the tag line ‘You blow me away’. I found this free tag for wand blower gifts on TpT. I think you should check out these bubble wands that come with cutely worded Valentine’s Day animal tags (Amazon). This is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for students.

Rulers for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Make easy valentine ruler gifts: All you need for this are rulers and colorful heart cut-outs. Make slits in the sides of the hearts to slide the rulers through and write a sweet note on the heart, or slide on a template like this free one that says ‘You Rule’. This is one of the most affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for students.

Send a card to students in the mail: Virtual teaching cannot stop the love celebrations. Teachers can send assorted Valentine post cards to each student with a personalized note.

Give crayons with an activity: There are tiny crayon packs that are prepackaged and sold in bulk. They make practical fillers for gift bags and can be given as a gift with a coloring activity card. Here is a free bag topper printable for this gift idea.

Happy Face Stress Balls: All you need for these are the stress balls, clear bags, and gift tags. Smiles are contagious so spread them around your class.

Seed paper hearts for cards: This idea is great for a student to give to other kids in their class. A seed paper heart can be added to a Valentine’s Day card with the words ‘Friendship grows like a Flower’.

Make mini hockey stick valentines: For the sport loving students in the class, these hockey sticks say ‘Lets stick together’. These hockey stick Valentines are one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for boys.

Slap bands for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Slap bands for students: Each band can be wrapped in a folded sheet that says ‘Valentine, you make me really SLAPPY’. Here is a free printable slap band wrapper from TpT.

Zip bracelets as friendship bracelets: These colorful zippy bracelets are sort of addictive! There is a plastic clasp to open and close them and they are sized for kids’ wrists. I like how they are presented in the picture, but I do not have that particular template. However, you can punch a hole at the tops of these free templates and hook the bracelets through the hole.

Colorful kaleidoscopes: There are many sizes and types of party favor kaleidoscopes out there but these are the best because they are made of really tough cardboard. However, the patterns on the outside are quite random.

LED Finger Lights: Kids love to use finger lights for reading in the classroom. These are sold in bulk and I found these free Valentine’s Day tags on TpT that are made just for gifting finger lights.

Tiny Torchlights: Lightweight colorful torchlights make useful gifts for kids with a cute note for each valentine like ‘Valentine, you make the world a brighter place’, ‘Valentine, you brighten my day’, or ‘Valentine, your future is looking so bright’. Here is a free template for the future tag.

Heart Maze Party Favors: Handheld mazes in the shape of a heart is a fun Valentine’s Day for kids. Before you give them out, you should tape them up with clear tape to keep them secure because they tend to open if they are dropped. Aside from that, they are great. I found this free printable editable template for presenting them as gifts.

Pop Launchers: These spring-loaded emoji party favors are called popper launchers. This idea is great for students to give to other classmates. You can add a tag like: Valentine, you make my heart POP! Here’s a free PowerPoint template you can use.

Invisible Ink Pens: Get a secret agent theme going with invisible ink pens. A secret message can be written in the tag. I found this free printable gift tag for these pens on TpT here.

Stacking heart pencils: These are interlocking pencil nibs shaped like hearts that can be as long or short as you like. This free editable gift template will go perfectly with the pencils.

Pens for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Give out gift pens: This idea is for students to give to other students. Add a cute tag line like ‘You are the “write” friend for me’ or ‘We really CLICK’ to make these pens into cute Valentine’s Day gifts that your students can enjoy. Check out this free printable gift tag for pens on TpT. Pens and pencils are two of the most practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas for students because they will be used by your students everyday.

Pencils for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Pencils are the ‘write’ gifts: Students also love Smencils and tree bark pencils. Pencils with eraser toppers are inexpensive gifts for a Valentine’s Day gift exchange in the classroom. You can try this free printable Happy Valentine’s Day pencil topper. Two more free pencil topper printables can be found here (You’re So Sharp) and here (You’ve Got the Write Stuff). Both are from Teachers pay Teachers. This is a free gift template for scented pencils. I think you should check out these pencils that come with cutely worded Valentine’s Day heart tags (Amazon).

Mini paint sets for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Make art valentines that encourage creativity in students: If you have little Picassos in your class, a gift mini paints will be sure to please them. You can add a sweet message like ‘You are a Work of Art’, ‘You Color My World’, or ‘I hope you have a colorful Valentine’s Day’. Click on any picture above to see them sold in bulk on Amazon. I found this free printable tag on TpT that says “You bring color to our classroom” and “You bring color to my life”.

Pop-Its for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Pop Its: I’m sure that every child in class wants a pop-it bracelet or pop-it toy. This is one of the most fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for students. I like the bracelet idea because they can used as friendship bracelets for Valentine’s Day.

If you need a template for the pop-it bracelet gift idea, you can use this free template from TpT. I think you should check out these Valentine pop-it toys that come with cutely worded Valentine’s Day tags (Amazon).

There are also free tags for the pop-it toys here from TpT. For the Yoda pop its, use phrases like ‘YODA best in the galaxy’, ‘YODA friend for me, Valentine’, and ‘My friend, will you be?’ I couldn’t find any Yoda gift tags, sorry.

Sanitizer cases: These cute cases are more that your usual sanitizer cases because they are character themed and they each come with a unique Valentine’s Day tag that can be written on.

Glow Stick Cards: This idea is really simple to make because you only need glow sticks and a printable card template. If some of the glow sticks are too dim, you can send extra sticks as replacements to be handed out. See a similar card template for glow sticks here.

Eye finger pointer puppet cards: You can make eye pointer cards for your students. They are suitable for teachers to give to their students. Your students can go on to use the finger pointers when they are reading a book. They fit on tiny fingers; students that are aged 4-8 years old. This free template can be used for it. Glasses can be substituted for the googly eye pointers.

Sqishy toys for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Squishy Toys: These are soft glittery squishy toys, or squishies, that kids love to squeeze. Put each one in a small baggy and staple the bag to a card template like this.

Sticky hands for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students

Sticky Hand Party Favors: I’ve seen some creative slogans for using stretchy mini hands as Valentine’s Day class treats. You can use a tag that says ‘Slappy Valentine’s Day’, or ‘Valentine, you deserve a high 5’. I could not find any free tags with these lines but I did find free editable gift tags here that you can type your slogan into.

Fish-caught gummy worm treats: Reel in some gummies for classmates at school. This idea is for any student to make Valentine gifts for the class. Use tackle box type containers and fill them with different gummy worm candies, wrap it up in twine and write cute notes on fish cutouts.

These are fish themed Valentine gift tagline examples: Holy mackerel, you’re one awesome friend! You’re quite the catch, Valentine. Thanks for making class ‘reel’ fun. You’re the coolest fish in the school. I’m ‘reely’ glad we’re friends. There’s no trout about it, you’re cool!

Stampers: Younger students love stamping stampers all over their scrapbooks. You can stick assorted stamps on notes that say ‘Your friendship is stamped on my heart’.

Lots of printable Valentine’s Day gift tags can be found here at TpT for free. There are also ready-made ones like these on Amazon.

I made this Valentine’s Day joke book for kids. It is a fun read for children and it makes a great gift.

I also designed these Valentine’s Day themed notebooks for kids. They are available here at Amazon and you can see more of them in this blog post. They can be given to your students as practical gifts for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you have found Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Students in this post. Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you!

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