How Teachers Use Trolley Carts in the Classroom

Are you looking for ideas for how teachers use trolley carts in the classroom? Teacher carts are a necessity in the classroom. They hold more that you would expect, and they are mobile, so you don’t have to be doing any heavy lifting as you take your supplies to different classrooms. You can use a traveling teacher cart have conferences with parents to keep everything you need within reach.

Mobile teacher carts are usually metal or plastic. The metal ones last longer, can hold heavy loads, and can be used with magnetic items for storage. Many carts have extra add-ons like cups, pegboards, and hooks, on the side. Teachers use classroom trolley carts for storage of students’ tools, collecting papers and forms, storing classroom books, charging and storing iPads, and for traveling from class to class with teaching props.

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How Teachers Use Trolley Carts in the Classroom for storage

Store and sort classroom supplies in roller carts: Shared classroom community supplies like crayons, pencils, and scissors can be stored in a 3-tier roller cart for easy access. Students can clearly see what is in the cart from afar and smaller containers or bins can be added to the tiers for more sorting. The red cart also comes in white, black, or turquoise.

Roller Cart bookshelf: The metal trolley carts are strong enough to hold books for your classroom library. This cart has high sides on each shelf to hold the books securely. I love that it makes the library mobile.

For magnetic storage: Magnetic trolley carts are metal and therefore stronger that the plastic ones. Plus, you can store magnetic resources in or on them. This white magnetic cart has a lot of holes in it for hooks to hang even more tools from it. The teacher who bought it now uses it for parent registration and keeps books and files in it. She just rolls in out into the hallway when it’s time to use it for registration with the parents.

Storing materials for group work: Keep group work resources handy in a classroom trolley cart so you can have the supplies you need for each group easily accessible to each group. For example, a small group reading session can have a reading cart just for those reading practice and assessment materials only.

For moving their materials from class to class: Some teachers have classes in different rooms and have to move a lot of teaching tools with them to each class. Items like handouts, a laptop, teaching props, and books can all fit in a traveling teacher cart and be rolled around, instead of being hauled around by hand. Have containers or bins in the cart and use them to keep all of the papers, handouts, forms, etc.

Store classroom iPads: A roller cart with inserted wooden stands or baking tray racks for iPads, can be merged to make a mobile charging station and tablet storage cart. Classroom clipboards and dry-erase boards can also be stored in this fashion.

Use your trolley cart as a classroom podium: This teacher added a wooden book stand on her trolley cart to turn it into an impromptu mobile podium for reading and laptop use.

Use trolley carts for sharing group work resources: Each of your small groups can be given a trolley cart to keep the shared resources with reach for each student in the group. Teachers can number each cart to match group numbers or used a color coding system.

How to Decorate Your Classroom Roller Cart

If you want to add more color and fun to your roller cart, add colorful border trims around each tray level and turn it ito a character by adding large googly eyes. For magnetic roller carts use magnetic borter trims or magnetic cut-outs to match your classroom theme.

Containers and Cops for Roller Carts

You can add hanging cups, caddies, baskets, and containers to your roller cart, to have better organization of the items on each shelf. Below are examples these add-ons.

Use Add-On Storage Cups and Caddies: There are storage cups that have curved handles for you to hook them onto your trolley cart for extra storage. Caddies can also fit into the trolley shelves for storing smaller iems that would need divided space.

Use long narrow baskets for pens, pencils, markers, and rulers: These long baskets are the perfect shape for storing bundle of pens and pencils on your cart. If you have a metal cart, put two large magnets in each basket (on each end) to stabilize the basket so that it won’t topple over or shift.

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