How to Store Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets

Every Teacher needs to know how to store Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets. Hand puppets and finger puppets are found in classrooms with young kids for dramatic play. I have made hand puppets either out of socks or brown paper bags and my students loved making finger puppets out of pipe cleaners.

Using pot lid holders and dish racks are affordable ways to display your hand puppets and finger puppets. However, there are stands that are created specifically for hand puppets. If you have a huge collection of hand puppets, you can store your collection in a large pocket chart like an over the door pocket chart.

I love to find classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. I love to see the wide range of puppets that are available now in so many themes like family finger puppets, animal finger puppets and hand puppets, and community helper hand puppets

If you are an in-class teacher, online teacher, or daycare teacher, and you are looking for ways to organize your props, here are some simple storage and display options for storing hand puppets and finger puppets.

How to Store Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets in Stands and Racks

Wooden puppet stands (Assembly Required): The rods or pegs on these stands are long enough to comfortably hold hand puppets. You have assemble it by putting a little wood glue in the peg holes before putting the pegs in. Once that is done, it is very sturdy.

Metal hand puppet stands: This stand is actually created for the kitchen but it would be perfect for storing hand puppets. It requires no assembly, and the rods are spaced closer so it holds more puppets, while taking up less space.

Use a kids coat tree rack: This free standing coat rack looks really cute but it is better if you only have a few hand puppets to store.

Use pronged dish racks as puppet stands: These wooden stands are perfect for storing your hand puppets and sock puppets. They require no assembly and can be kept on a flat surface, or you can hang it on a wall. This is one of the most affordable ideas for how to store hand puppets and finger puppets.

Use pot lid holders for storing finger puppets: The prongs on this kitchen rack are positioned closer together, making it a suitable storage rack for finger puppets. This one also needs no assembly.

How to Store Hand Puppets and Finger Puppets on Walls and Doors

A wall hanging pocket chart: Hand puppets can be kept in a pocket chart. Pocket charts are a better option if you do not have a lot of storage space. Just hang it low on the wall so that children can easily take out and put back the puppets.

An over the door pocket chart: A large over the door pocket chart with bulky pockets can hold a larger collection of hand puppets.

How to Store Long Arm Puppets

how to store long arm puppets

Use a free standing boot rack: This metal boot rack is sturdy and solid so that it is stable for holding your tall hand puppets. These are the long arm puppets. The boot racks has adequate spacing between each rod so that your puppets would not be pressed up on each other. The length of each rod is 16.5″ or 42cm. The stand holds twelve long arm puppets.

I hope this has helped you get ideas for how to store hand puppets and finger puppets. They can also be stored in drawer organizer carts. More ideas will be added soon.