5 Vinyl Sheet Storage Ideas

How to store vinyl sheets

Are you looking for vinyl sheet storage ideas? If you use a Cricut or a Silhouette, you may have your own collection of vinyl sheets. You can use vinyl to label classroom drawers and filing cabinets. I prefer to store my vinyl paper as flat sheets instead of rolls so that I don’t have to unroll and straighten them out.

There are different ways to store vinyl sheets. You can sort them by type or color. Different types of vinyl like iron on, permanent, HTV, matte, glossy, and heat transfer vinyl can be stored in drawer carts, clip containers, paper tray organizers, wall hanging organizers, and classroom mailbox sorters. Just label each drawer or slot with the type of vinyl material it has.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and below are different ways that you can store vinyl sheets in your classroom.

Vinyl Sheet Storage Ideas

Vinyl sheets can be stored in drawer carts, pocket charts, or desktop organizers.

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Use Clip container drawers: This scrapbook cart looks like it has drawers but up close, they are containers that slide away into the frame like a drawer. Each container clicks shut and can be labeled for different types of vinyl sheets. The top of the cart has an organizer tray for small tools.

Vinyl sheet storage drawer carts on wheels

Use Drawer carts on wheels: A drawer cart like this is perfect for 15 x 15 Cricut vinyl. The sheets lay flat in it. You can put a little slice of vinyl on the lip of each drawer so you can easily see the colors that are in them.

Clear stacking vinyl sheet tray organizer

Use a clear stacking vinyl sheet tray organizer: This sturdy tray organizer holds 12″ x 12″ vinyl sheets. The trays are stackable to fit your space and the vinyl sheet colors can be seen easily through the clear plastic.

Vinyl Sheet Storage in classroom mailbox organizer

Use a Classroom mailbox organizer: This white paper organizer comes in two sizes they both can hold 12″ x 12″ vinyl sheets and the 12″ x 17″ sheets. The smaller size has 10 slots and the bigger size has 15 slots.

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Use a Tri-fold wall hanging pouch organizer: Vinyl sheets can be kept in this large tri-fold pocket chart. It is hard to find 12×12 hanging storage but this one works. It stores 10 x 12 and 12 x 12 and has 30 pockets. You can either hang it up on a wall, or fold it up and stow it away. Assorted colors of file folders can be each inserted into the different pockets to store the vinyl and make it a color coded system.

If you prefer to keep your vinyl in rolls, there are storage ideas for that in this blog post. For even more vinyl sheet storage ideas, you can use the storage options that I listed in my cardstock storage tips post. It has some unique storage ideas that you can try for flat vinyl sheets.

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