5 Pen Organizers for Teachers

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 1

This is my list of pen organizers for teachers. Teachers love pens. Flair pens, Sharpie pens, gel pens, we love them all. Your pen collection is a work of art, you may just not know it yet. When you get them sorted and neatly arranged, you’ll find that you’ll be using them even more.

First, you must sort them. Whether you want to sort your pens by color, brand, or type, you can find different sizes of pen storage caddies and stands that are suitable for the number of pens you have. They make great gift ideas for teachers because most teachers have a growing pen collection of their own.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. Going from smallest to largest, these are storage and display ideas for pen collections.

Pen Organizers for Teachers

Below are ideas for different types of pen organizers you can use on your teacher desk to store your teacher pens.

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 3

Stick them in a pen organizer box: These pens are stored in a pen box organizer that has holes on the top for the pens. This is great if you have a small collection of pens. For press point pens, you want to keep them stored upright to prevent the ink from drying.

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 5

Use a Grid Organizer Rack: This pen storage rack is similar to the pen box organizer, but it has grid slots both at the base and the top. If you are a serious collector of assorted pens, this would be perfect for your collection.

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 7

Stack pens vertically to save space: I’d call this a vertical grid desk pen organizer. This does not take up much space at all, but it holds a lot of pens. This is the most used type of pen organizers for teachers because it saves space.

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 9

Clear storage containers for pens: Sharpie pens and other pens fit neatly in these transparent box containers. They have hinged lids and they are stackable.

5 Pen Organizers for Teachers 11

Use a roller cart for pen storage: If you have the ultimate collection of felt pens, gel pens, and other pens in every color, then you need something large to keep them in. A 3-tier storage cart on wheels, is not only large, but mobile. Just fill it with bins for your vast pen collection. The cart’s black, gray, and white colors will not clash with, or distract the eye, from the bright colorful pens.

Pen organizers make thoughtful gifts for teachers. This can be for a teacher’s birthday, for a thank you gift, or for Teachers Apprectiation Week. See more ideas for teacher gifts here.

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