Organizing Markers in Bulk for the Classroom

If you need ideas for how to store classroom markers, here are tips for organizing markers in bulk for the classroom. The markers in your classroom are either for the teacher or for the students. The teacher’s markers are kept separate from the students’ markers because teachers would have permanent markers or specialty markers that students might destroy or make a serious mess with.

Student markers need to be easily accessible for little hands like in a caddy, drawers, or open top desk organizers. If you need to secure the markers, they can be kept in closing-lid containers. The teacher’s markers can be kept in a whiteboard caddy which is very convenient for writing on the whiteboard.

If your teacher desk is spacious enough, you can keep a deluxe pen storage stand for the remaining markers because it is both functional for organizing the markers as well as stylish. Marker organizers make thoughtful gifts for teachers. This can be for a teacher’s birthday, for a thank you gift, or for Teachers Apprectiation Week.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for storing classroom markers.

Organizing Markers in Bulk for Students

Use storage containers with flip lids: Containers that are elongated in shape are best for storing markers. A locking closure in the lid helps to prevent the markers from spilling out if the container is dropped. You can use a different container for each type of marker. like permanent markers, whiteboard markers, scented markers, etc.

Store markers in plastic drawers: Modular plastic drawers do not take up much space, but they have enough drawers for sorting your markers by color. This Sterilte drawer set is 11 inches tall with five drawers. The clear drawers make the colors you want to be easily found.

Just stick them in: Slim markers can be stored in a stored in a slim grid organizer that has grid holes at the top and bottom for the markers. This is great if you have a small collection of markers and you want to keep them stored upright. You can also store them upside-down in the stand to prevent the ink from drying out. This 96-hole stand looks the same as this other stand with the same amount of storage space, but the prices are vastly different.

Organizing Markers in Bulk for Students with caddies

Use a caddy: The compartments in a caddy make it easy to sort your markers by brand. Each section can have a label for the type of marker that goes in it. This clear caddy makes searching for the color marker you want much easier. I love the colorful look of the Crayola caddy.

Organizing Markers in Bulk for the Teacher

Organizing Markers in Bulk for Teacher Desks

Stack vertically to save space: Use a vertical grid desk marker organizer. This does not take up much space at all, and it holds a lot of markers, more than you would think. These can be metal, wooden, or plastic. The wooden one requires assembly but the clear one and the metal one does not. This is one of the best ways in which teachers are organizing markers in bulk because of how it uses vertical space.

Make a whiteboard caddy: The teacher’s markers are usually found in a caddy on the whiteboard. See how to turn any caddy into a magnetic whiteboard caddy in this blog post.

Marker storage in magnetic whiteboard caddy

Use a store bought Magnetic whiteboard caddy: This caddy was made for organizing markers on whiteboards and it has very strong magnets on the back.

Carry markers to centers in a plastic grid tote box: This is like a grid organizer and a closing container in one. It also has handles! This allows the markers to stand upright in the grids. There is the smaller 60 slot box and the larger 80 slot box.

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