4 Easy Time-Saving Bulletin Board Tips

Time-Saving Bulletin Board Tips

These are time-saving bulletin board tips for teachers to quickly change up their bulletin boards during the school term. This can be to reflect seasonal or monthly themes, or to match the curriculum as it is being discovered and taught. The act of peeling off tape and reapplying it for new cards can be very tedious.  Did you know that you can hang up your bulletin board letters and cutouts without using any tape or adhesives? Magnetic bulletin boards and clothesline bulletin boards allow you to easily hang up and change out cutouts without needing to use any tape.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. These bulletin board ideas can both save you some precious time and save you from the hassle of using tape.

Time-Saving Bulletin Board Tips

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Magnetic bulletin boards are better for moving around interactive pieces. Magnetic whiteboards and magnetic paper rolls are good bases for these bulletin boards. Use magnetic tape only once on the back of the small cards and letters for students to easily add, remove, and move them around on the bulletin board. After you put the magnetic tape on the cards, you never have to peel it off to reapply it again (unlike regular tapes).

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Make a corkboard bulletin board: Corkboards that come with frames make beautiful lightweight bulletin boards that you can move around. Cardstock bulletin boards need to be taped to the wall, but a corkboard bulletin board frame just needs to be hung up.

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Hang letter headers from clothespins: This teacher used black clothespins to fasten the pennants to the strip. With so much black on black, the white of the letters really pop. Most importantly, the headers are easy to change out without needing any tape.

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Use a clothesline to hang posters: This makes taking down and putting up bulletin board letters and posters really easy. All you need is twine and wooden clothespins.

I must mention that for the bulletin board base, that is the background paper, and the border trims, they may need to be taped down unless they are magnetic. The key is to find the right tape that stick on well, hold up heavy items, and peel off cleanly when you want to remove it. I have some tape recommendations in this blog post to help with that.

Do you have your own Time-Saving Bulletin Board Tips to share? If you have, please share about them in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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