How to Store Classroom Chromebooks

classroom Chromebook organization

If you have a dozen Chromebooks and cords all over your classroom, then you’ll need some tips for how to store classroom chromebooks. It is easy to create an organized system for storing them without taking up too much space in the classroom.

You would need a cart or rack, and it should be sturdy, but also easy to maneuver for keeping the Chromebooks organized and charged. The labels should be clear enough for students to know which Chromebook, charging cord, and charging port is assigned to them.

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How to Store Classroom Chromebooks using Charging Carts

These Chromebook storage units are sorted by price in ascending order.

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Black Chromebook Storage Cart: If you need a Chromebook cart that does not take up a lot of room, this Chromebook cart should be an ideal solution. It holds up to 14 Chromebooks, and there is cord management on the back side of the charging cart and a tray for the cords and power packs on the bottom of the charging cart. A mobile cart like this keeps the Chromebooks together and makes it easy to move from room to room.

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White Chromebook mobile cart: This metal mobile cart holds up to 16 Chromebooks for students to use. The back is laid out nicely with room to store and plug in all the chargers, and there are clips to guide the cord placement for each slot. Its design makes it easy to plug in and unplug the Chromebooks. Just be sure to number the slots and Chromebooks for optimum ease and organization. It rolls around and if you need to move it you only have to unplug one plug. 

Also, it is super easy to keep all of them charged up for the next day in class. In a classroom setting where you have a number of laptops and Chromebooks, this is essential equipment.

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Metal Locking Charger Box: This Chromebook charger box can be mounted on a wall or kept on a counter. Many charger boxes look cluttered with the cords hanging all over the Chromebooks. In the picture above, the teacher created a solution for her cable management by adding a piece of plyboard to the inside of hers to keep the cords separate from the laptops.

This is how you can do it too if you have a similar problem: Cut a 3/8″ piece of plywood to fit the inside dimensions. remove a couple of the dividers temporarily to get it inside the case, mount it with screws through the vent holes and put the dividers back in. Put the back screws in first on either side, plug the chargers in and then lift the shelf into place and put the front screws in. Bundle up the charger cords and cable tie them while leaving a tail for the part that plugs into the Chromebook. Use cable clamps with a short screw and to hold the cables in place.

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How to Store Classroom Chromebooks Affordably

These are cheap DIY hacks for storing Chromebooks, all you’ll need are kitcken storage racks.

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Use wooden stands: This bamboo wooden stand holds five Chromebooks at a time. The cords can be hidden in a compartment under the laptop stand.

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Use metal kitchen racks: You know the metal racks that you store baking trays and dishes in? They’re also good for storing Chromebooks. Just stack the Chromebooks vertically for a cost-effective way to have a cheap Chromebook stand in your classroom that does not require any assemble at all. An optional tip it for you to use a glue gun to add some cushioning along the bars to prevent them from scratching your Chromebooks.

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Store Chromebooks in a wire mesh desk organizer: These wire mesh racks are roomy and sturdy for being a storage stand for classroom Chromebooks. The racks are sold in pairs and each pair holds ten Chromebooks. If you choose to connect the pair, they can hold eleven Chromebooks.

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Store Classroom Chromebooks in Bamboo Dish Racks: Another kitchen based item that works for classroom storage is a bamboo dish rack. The long prongs are evenly spaced to hold Chromebooks upright. You should use zip ties or cables to anchor it onto a shelf to keep it secured so that the laptops won’t make it topple over. This is one of the most affordable ways of having a DIY charging station. Two or three dish racks would be enough to service a classroom without causing you to break your budget.

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Make Chromebook towers from Wire mesh desk organizers: You can use more than one of these wire framed desk organizers to store your classroom Chromebooks. This organizer has seven horizontal tiers and it is easy to assemble.

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Tips for Managing Classroom Chromebooks

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As a general rule, it helps to color code the Chromebooks with the charging ports and the charging cords. Number stickers can be used instead of the colorful washi tape color coding system if you prefer. Assorted square stickers hold up really well.

Chromebooks in charging cart cord organization with cable clips

Use cable clips to help organize the charging cords in your Chromebook cart. The cable clips can keep the cords exactly in the position you need them easy charging. Use the assorted color set instead of the plain black get to get a color coded system in place. This makes the cords look so neat!

Having shorter charging cords would help to reduce the clutter around your charging station. Once you have the right setup for your Chromebooks, you will be glad that students are not tripping over wires. They will be able to use the power cords and plug in their Chromebooks every day.

As long as you explain clear rules to your students about how to store classroom Chromebooks and for using the Chromebook charging stations, the systems you have created for using, storing, and charging the classroom Chromebooks should help you to manage the handling and storage of these devices.

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How to Charge Classroom Chromebooks

It is better to use the free-standing vertical surge protectors to charge your Chromebooks rather than the flat ones because the tall charging towers have enough space between ports. This allows for bulky charging heads to fit side by side. Below are examples of charging hubs for classroom Chromebooks:

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Use a charging cube: Most charging cubes have lots of outlets for charging Chromebooks at the same time. This cube has a long cord which helps for you to place it where you need it.

Chromebook power strip tower for classrooms

Use a Power Tower: A charging tower has more charging ports than a cube, which is great for if you have many Chromebooks to charge. This charging tower is placed beside dish draining racks to charge the Chromebooks.

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I hope you have found helpful ideas for how to store classroom Chromebooks. If you need tips for storing other types of technology devices in your class, see tips on it in this blog post.

More ideas for how to store students’ Chromebooks will be added as I find them. If you’ve discovered a new idea for classroom Chromebook storage, I’d love for you to share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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