Plastic Modular Drawer Storage Ideas for the Classroom

Teachers use Plastic Modular Drawer Storage Ideas for the Classroom to minimize clutter. The stackable drawers can be restacked in different layouts to suit your space. Mant of these drawers are clear or translucent enough for students to be able to see what is inside. This will make it easy for them to find what they are looking for. Labels can be used on the drawers that are opaque, for students to find resources and put them back in the right drawers when they are done using them.

Teachers use plastic modular drawers for storing files, cardstock sheets, student worksheets, classroom centers, and classroom stationery tools. I like plastic drawers for classroom storage because they are affordable, easy to open, lightweight, and classroom labels stick on easily to the plastic. I also like that the clear plastic drawers are transparent enough that younger students can have a general idea of what is inside, even if they cannot read the labels as yet.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below show how teachers are using plastic modular drawers for classroom storage.

Plastic Modular Drawer Storage Ideas

Use plastic modular drawer chests for storing cardstock reams, files, and classroom ststionery supplies. See these and more examples below.

Plastic drawers for file storage: Instead of a traditional filing cabinet, this lightweight Sterilite drawer can be used for file organization. It is durable and translucent for you to see the file hangers inside.

Storing cardstock reams by color: If you have a huge collection of cardstock, stackable modular drawers can hold heavy reams of cardstock. The clear drawers allow easily find the cardstock sheet colors you need.

Turn in station for student work: A five-drawer organizer chest gives you places to keep student work for each day of the school week. It can be used as a turn in bin for students work or a collection area for students that have been absent for a day or more to collect the work that they missed.

Store markers, pens and crayons: This Sterilite drawer set is 11 inches tall, but deep enough to fit full sized markers, pens, pencils, and crayons. The drawers are clear so this makes it easy to find the colors you need.

Make turn-in bins: A five-drawer turn-in bin can be used to store handouts for each day of the week for students who have been absent to collect the work that they need.

Make a Lego Storage and play area: Lego centers are fun students. You don’t have to invest in an expensive Lego table. Use four sets of Sterilite drawers to store Logo pieces and add a base plate to the top of each one. They can still stack even with each set having a baseplate, and when separated, they make four play areas.

moduar plastic drawers tiny for classroom organization

Use tiny drawers for small stationery items: Tiny modular plastic drawers can be used for your smallest classroom tools like binder clips, glue sticks, sticky notes, erasers, etc. The teacher uses them for small group areas. You can use double sided tape to stack two chests together.

How to Care for Plastic Drawers in your Classroom

These are three tips for making your plastic drawer cart last you a long time:

  • For larger classroom drawers, you need to store heavier items in the bottom drawers and lighter items in the upper drawers to prevent wobbling. If you have a wobbly drawer cart, removing the wheels can help.
  • Never place a plastic drawer in a place that gets prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as this can weaken the plastic overtime and cause cracking. Trust me on the sunlight issue because I live in the tropics. I cannot keep plastic drawers by certain windows.
  • For cleaning your plastic drawers, small drawer units can be pulled out and soaked in vinegar for half an hour, then washed with detergent. Larger plastic drawers can be wiped out with Clorox wipes.

I hope you have found plastic modular drawer storage ideas through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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