Classroom Management Ideas for Less Teaching Interruptions

Student outbursts are the most common cause of classroom interruptions. These interruptions can break your teaching momentum and cut down on teaching time and student engagement. Two solutions that can lessen these interruptions are (i) to have a system for anonymous reporting of classroom issues and (ii) to make a game of tracking the amount of interruptions with students for them to decrease the amount the next day. These ideas are simple ways to have less interruptions from students while you are teaching.

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Classroom Management Ideas for Less Teaching Interruptions

Track the interruptions for each day: Use handheld counter trackers for classroom management. Every time there is an interruption, make a click on the counter. The next day, students can try to come under the previous day’s number of clicks. It helps to prevent kids from constantly calling out in class. You can wear a small counter tracker on your finger, or use a handheld counter with a lanyard for the wrist. I prefer the finger tracker because it is more discreet. It can also be used for tracking the behaviors of individual students. Check out these free templates for tracking student behaviors.

Teacher mail Report it box bulletin board for classroom managenent
Classroom Management Ideas for Less Teaching Interruptions with a Teacher Mailbox

Have a Confidential ‘Report It’ box: Having a “report it ” box system in your classroom, allows students report to you any issues they feel you should be aware of, inside and outside the class. That way, you would not need to be spending time during the day dealing with issues. Check the report box after school and address the issues with individual students. Students can use the box as they feel necessary. Let them know that you are the only one with a key and that their reports will be addressed.

Any opaque locking suggestion box, like this blue one, will do. I found this free template of storage box labels that you can use for your ‘Report It’ box labels. It is an editable file. There are also tons of free incident reporting forms on TpT that you can have for the report box.

More classroom management ideas for less teaching interruptions will be added as I find them. Have you discovered a new way to decrease classroom interruptions? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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    That is an awesome suggestion. I am going to look into this. Being a 6th grade teacher who has kids coming into middle school for the first time, will help the blurts etc. Hopefully, it'll stop kids from tattling.

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