How Can Teachers Save Their Voices

How Can Teachers Save Their Voices 1

Can teachers save their voices? Yes, this post has solutions to prevent teacher voice strain. Many teachers end up shouting more than they need to on a daily basis in their classrooms. If the class gets too loud, or if we need to get a student’s attention, our first instinct is to shout. There are other things that teachers can do in these situations other than yelling.

Teachers can use electronic devices like wireless doorbells and voice amplifiers to save their voices. The use of wireless doorbells is a game changer in classrooms, and now teachers do not have to yell over the class anymore to get their attention. Voice amplifiers are small enough to be wearable and easy to use. Teachers can also keep voice level posters and lighting systems up, as reminders for students to be aware of their own voice levels. This can be part of a classroom voice level management system.

I love to share helpful classroom teaching tips. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for keeping your classroom’s noise level under control, without having to use your voice much.

How Can Teachers Save Their Voices

How can you save your teacher voice? Here are four tips for saving your teacher voice:

  • Use wireless doorbells
  • Use a call bell
  • Use a voice amplifier
  • Implement a voive level management system for your students

Instructions for Preventing Teacher Voice Strain

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Use wireless doorbells: Teachers no longer have to go through a list of chants to quiet their students. Even if you love doing it, it can take a toll on your voice. Wireless doorbells are what every teacher needs to give their voices a rest. In its simplest form, when students get loud, just push the button and the doorbell rings, they’ll know that this is the cue to quiet down. This can prevent you from having to raise your voice.

With most doorbells, there are tons of different sounds to choose from. You will have to set out guidelines with your students for using it, to know that with the different sounds that they hear, one means time to settle down, or clean up, etc. It’s especially great when wearing face masks in the classroom. Since your voice does not carry as well in the mask, the doorbell does the trick. You can use a clear view hand sanitizer sleeve and attach the handheld part to your lanyard.

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Use a call bell: Use a tap bell as a signal for center rotation or an attention getter. Students can get loud during center time, but with a loud bell, they can always hear it when it rings.

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How Can Teachers Save Their Voices with voice amplifiers

Use a Voice Amplifier: With an amplifier, you can use it while wearing a mask for students to hear you better and understand what you are saying. You can talk at a normal voice and not strain your vocal cords.

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How Can Teachers Save Their Voices with a voice level management system for students

Have a voice level management system: Have a bulletin board or posters with voice levels described with corresponding tap lights next to each level. Tap the light for the level that students nedd to be at. Paddle hand signs for class instructions can also be used as part of your voice management system. The bulletin board above reads ‘Too much noise means less work’.

More ideas for saving your teacher voice will be added as I find them. Have you discovered a new way to reduce your need to shout? If you have, please share about it in the comments. Teachers are the ones who innovate and think up the most creative solutions for their classrooms.

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