The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms

The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 1

Mobile teacher carts can give you the storage and the flexibility to work anywhere in your school. Mobile teacher carts make your laptop, folders, and teaching aids easy to move with you, for the times when you have to go into another classroom. Generic podiums and lecterns are expensive for a school teacher budget but the mobile teacher carts below, are a great alternative for their price and versatility.

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Why Do We Need Mobile Teacher Carts?

If you teach different classrooms and need to carry your teaching materials from class to class, you may need a mobile teacher cart. Even within the classroom, you know that teachers hardly ever sit. Using mobile desk carts for your classroom can allow you to monitor what students are doing. You can roll right up behind misbehaving students, during the lesson, as a proximity classroom management tool.

Types of mobile teacher carts for the Classroom

There are different types of teacher carts that can suit your specific needs. The different types that teachers use are desk carts, trolley carts, and mobile podiums and lecterns, with shelves. See examples of each type below.

The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 3
The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 5The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 7

Roll with a Mobile Desk: If you are constantly on the move at your school, this mobile desk can hold everything you need for teaching different grade levels, including your laptop. You can use two zip ties to attach a power strip to make it a mobile desk with the ability for electricity access. For moving around the classroom, you can use it while demonstrating with a projector. It has a shelf for the remote and storage on the bottom. It is adjustable, so it can even work as a podium for students when giving oral presentations. It adjusts up and down well for standing and sitting. The wheels lock if you don’t want it to roll.

The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 9The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 11

Use hospital bed tables: I got this tip from a teacher, Ms. Vaughan-Solorio. She mentioned on my Facebook page that she decided to get a hospital bed table because it functions the same as a classroom mobile desk, but it is considerably cheaper. I found one for as low as under 30 dollars. Thank you Ms. Vaughan-Solorio.

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Use a Mobile Podium: Small mobile podiums are great for classroom presentations and teaching. This podium has a second shelf for storage. The holes in front allow for you to hang different plaques in front and change them easily. You can make a simpe DIY mobile classroom podium by placing an adjustable bookrest on top of your trolley cart.

Use a mobile lectern: A mobile lectern is a podium with lots of storage for you to keep your laptop and textbooks handy, and it can move easily around your classroom. It is not too wide so that it can move through isles comfortably. I would not recommend it for rolling on carpets though.

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Types of Mobile Trolley CarTs for the Classroom

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Below are the different types of mobile trolley carts for classrooms:

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The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 23The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 25

Rolling Crates: A roller crate is smaller than other carts but is usually very strong for holding teaching materials. Some teachers use them for carrying all the classrom laptops from one classroom to another, or for carrying student lunches. You can use them for carrying your own classroom supplies or special equipment for your students like lab supplies or library books. Another use for these is for carrying your items from the car to the classroom. A fabric caddy organizer can add even more storage to a rolling crate, like this, with different sizes of pockets around the outside.

A trollley cart is a type of Mobile teacher cart

Trolley carts: Trolley carts like the 3-tier carts are must-haves for a teacher that moves from classroom to classroom. The teacher that owns this pink cart says that she uses it for organizing small group supplies. She loves the little hooks and add on compartments for crayons or small things needed for a particular group. There are actually different styles to choose from and you can see them all in this blog post.

The Best Mobile Teacher Carts for Classrooms 17

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I hope you have found the best mobile teacher carts for your classroom through this post. If you have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments below.

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