21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 1

As a Christian, I love to see Christian bulletin boards. Not that many years ago, I taught at an Anglican school locally. It was at that school that I did most of my teaching. We have many denominational schools here so Christianity is freely practiced at the Christian schools and the government schools. I thought that teachers might need inspiration for making faith based bulletin boards in the classrooms (where allowed). And this post is also for Sunday school teachers to find ideas for making Christian Bulletin Boards.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making Christian bulletin boards.

Christian Bulletin Boards

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 321 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 5
Bible based christian bulletin boards

Let Your Light Shine Bulletin Board (from Matthew 5: 16): The first bulletin board is great for young children with its fireflies and stars. The black background represents the night sky. Each firefly cutout has a child’s name on it. To recreate this bulletin board, you will need the grass border trim, star cut outs, a black bulletin board paper roll, tent cut outs, and yellow letter cut outs. The second bulletin board used this dark bulletin board paper with brown paper for the tree.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 7

Loving God and Loving People: The middleschool teacher that made this bulletin board used her Cricut to cut out the letters from this multicolored cardstock.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 9

We are God’s Masterpiece Bulletin Board: A huge rainbow paintbrush was made for this bulletin board with a matching rainbow border. Because of the rainbow, this is perfect for Spring.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 11

A ‘Teach Children to Love Jesus’ Bulletin Board: This flowery Sunday School bulletin board reads ‘If we don’t teach our children to love Jesus, the world will teach them not to’. You can recreate it with these sunflower docorations, large flowers, orange tassels, tissue pumpkins, Fall leaves, and wood bulletin board paper.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 13

Hungry for God’s Word: This is a Springtime Sunday School bulletin board. Green tissue pompoms were used to make the leaves of the tree.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 15Christian bulletin board you are a piece of God's Love

You are a Piece of God’s Plan: This complete bulletin board set has the leters, border trim, puzzle piece cut-outs, and the cross. This other bulletin board says ‘You are an important piece of God’s plan’.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 17

Jesus Lifts Us Up bulletin board: Hot air balloons add to the theme of this bulletin board with both 2D balloons like these, and 3D balloons. This bulletin board can be Spring themed.

love is christian bulletin board corinthians

‘Love Is’ bulletin board from 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8: I’m just sharing this bulletin board idea to show what love is. I cannot find the source of the printable but I’m glad I came across the picture.

Christian wanted bulletin board door

‘Christian Wanted’ bulletin board: This VBS door was covered with brown paper and bordered with a wood border trim. A plexiglass mirror was added at the center. Letter cutouts were used to make the words ‘Wanted by God. Reward awaits in Heaven’. This design would work for a door or bulletin board. The mirror was bordered with the faux wood border trim. See this post about safety tips for using mirrors on bulletin boards.

Travel with Jesus Christian bulletin board

‘Travel with Jesus’ Bulletin board: This church bulletin board was decorated with some travel themed elements from a travel themed bulletin board set.

Catch His Word Christian bulletin board fishers of men

‘Catch His Word’ bulletin board: This bulletin boads has so many creative elements: a blue ocean background, large octopus, pool noodle borders, fish cutouts, sea plants, fishing net. The three fishes on the side have the message ‘Follow Me, I will make you fishers of men’ written on them.

Put on the Full Armor of God Christian bulletin board 2Put on the Full Armor of God Christian bulletin board
Christian bulletin board – Put on the full Armor of God

Armor of God bulletin board: This display consists of Armor of God posters, an armor statue cutout, scroll, border trim, medieval decorations, and armor masks.

christian bulletin board Jesus loves you smore

‘Jesus Loves You S’more’ bulletin board: This classroom bulletin board is really cute for around Summer. The person who made it, printed the words ‘Jesus loves you’. The original word set was ‘Ready for S’more Learning’.

Christian bulletin board jigsaw We are all pieces of the body of Christ

‘We Are All Pieces of The Body of Christ’ bulletin board: This bulletin board has a handmade Cross ornament, blank jigsaw pieces for writing names on them, and a jigsaw puzzle themed border trim.

God's love is amazing bulletin board

God’s Love is Amazing bulletin board: This set makes a large christian bulletin board. It comes with eight large posters, Bible based cutouts, the letters for the header, and a border trim. If you want to make your bulletin board really large, use another border trim that comes in a large roll. The border trims that come in sets, tend to be short.

Seasonal Christian Bulletin BOards

Seasonal bulletin boards reflect the theme of one of the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. They can also be for special observed occasions like Back to School, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

Fall themed Christian Bulletin Boards

The word ‘Fall’ is commonly found in fall themed bulletin boards as a play on words. Below are examples of fall themed christian bulletin boards.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 19

Falling for Jesus Bulletin Board: This is by far the easiest bulletin boards to re-create. You’ll need orange letters, a black background, an orange border trim, and Fall leaves. Staple the fall leaves everywhere and place most of them at the bottom to gather at the base. Place the ‘Falling for Jesus’ letters in a downward diagonal descent.

See more Fall themed Christian bulletin boards here in a new blog post!

Christmas themed Christian Bulletin BOards

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 21

Christmas Navity Bulletin Board: This star lit sky bulletin board paper was used a the background in this Nativity bulletin board.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 23

J is for JESUS bulletin board: This J is for JESUS bulletin board shows all the little candy cane ‘J’s with the baby Jesus nestled in the curve of the J. The star at the top could be to remind students that the lower case J needs to be dotted. Each candy cane is hung with magnetic hooks along the window frame. This is great for Christmas time.

Back to School Christian Bulletin Boards

Jesus is the core to a great school year

‘Jesus is the core to a great school year’ bulletin board: This is a complete bulletin board set with apple cutouts, apple borders, and the featured words.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 25

I’ll be adding more seasonal Christian bulletin boards for Summer and Winter, as I find them.

See Spring themed Christian bulletin boards here.

For making your bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

21 Creative Christian Bulletin Boards 27