8 Uses for Drawer Organizer Carts in the Classroom

This is a listing of uses for drawer organizer carts in the classroom. Drawer carts are a staple for classroom organization. They are mobile for easy movement from classroom to classroom or station to station. Teachers use drawer carts for storing centers, turn in bins, organizing daily handouts and assignments, storing classroom forms, and storing manipulatives.

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Uses for Drawer Organizer Carts in the Classroom

Store classroom centers: Store classroom centers in a cart with 20 drawers, enough to house your classroom centers in one place. A cart like this is wonderful for small group stations. You can load it with classroom center activities and students only need to take the drawer that has everything they need for a particular center.

Keep teacher notes for each classroom topic in drawer carts: This is for very thorough record keeping. Have drawer carts for each subject. For example, one cart can be for math and its drawers can be for different topics under math. Each drawer can hold, centers, notes, worksheets, and handouts for that topic. Place labels for each cart in dry erase sleeves and these labels can stay on top of each cart.

Drawer Organizer Cart as a turn in station for student work: With a 10-drawer cart, you can label each drawer with a different subject area for students to hand in their work for each subject.

Drawer cart for teacher work, and planning organization: Use this drawer cart in your classroom to organize the papers you need to grade, as well as ones you need to organize. It can also keep the papers that need to be delivered to the office and work that you need to return to students (by period). This one is so much wider than most other drawer carts.

Store classroom stationery tools: Classroom stationery, tools, and manipulatives are commonly kept in drawer carts so that students can have access to them at a level that is within reach for them.

Roller Drawer cart for classroom for days of the week

Have a rolling drawer cart for handouts for each day of the week: If you are really good at planning ahead for each week, compile your handouts for the coming week and sort them by the days of the week in a 15-drawer mobile cart.

drawer cart for classroom group word and centers

Store your small group supplies in a drawer organizer cart: For this fifteen-drawer cart, the teacher used the ten smaller drawers for copies and the five bigger drawers for small group supplies.

Store students’ progress monitoring sheets: If you have enough drawers, put each child’s name on a drawer and keep their progress reports in them.

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