6 Uses for File Folders in the Classroom

What are the uses for file folders in the classroom? Every classroom uses file folders for different classroom organization systems. Teachers are using them for daily handouts, student portfolios, absent student work stations, and daily classroom forms. The file folder systems below are all in pocket charts for specific categories of classroom organization.

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Uses for File Folders in the Classroom

Keep daily handouts for the week ahead: All your printable worksheets for the week can be kept sorted for each day in separate folders. These folders can be hung up in a wall hanging organizer. See how use the right hooks for hanging organizers on classroom walls in this blog post.

Make student portfolios: Storing student folders in a pocket chart makes finding and filing student work quick and easy.

Have folders for each student’s unfinished work: Specific folders can be put aside for students to keep their work that is not yet complete. Just label each student’s folder with their name with stick-on labels. There are also free templates for unfinished work folder labels here on TpT.

Uses for File Folders in the Classroom – Store absent students’ work

Store work for students who were absent: Hang a five-pocket file folder pocket chart on your classroom wall for students to collect the assignments they missed. File folders are available separately. Students will have no excuses for not turning in their work.

Uses for File Folders in the Classroom – organize teacher forms

Organize your teacher forms: Permission slips, parent letters, and class wish lists, are just some of the types of forms that you can keep sorted in file folders. These can be placed in a file storage pocket chart near your desk.

Organize daily classroom forms: Have daily student forms within easy reach for students by placing them in a designated file folders in a large pocket chart. These daily forms can be for one category like laptop log forms, daily behavior logs, or reflective journal templates, etc.

I hope you have found some uses for file folders in the classroom through this page. More ideas will be added as I find them. Classroom file folders are commonly kept in pocket charts. See the best hooks for keeping you pocket charts up on your walls in this post.