How to Sharpen Classroom Crayons with an Electric Sharpener

Electric sharpeners for crayons How to Sharpen Classroom Crayons with an Electric Sharpener

Here’s how to Sharpen Classroom Crayons with an Electric Sharpener. I have found a new electric sharpener that sharpens crayons! You may know that I love all of the X-ACTO sharpeners, so I am happy to discover the latest one, called the X-ACTO Crayon Pro. It does more than sharpen crayons… It makes the original Crayola tip on each crayon. It also does a great job of trimming the paper around the crayon. One tip for using it, is to freeze the crayons first, to get them hard. I think it’s because soft crayons can gum up the works in your sharpener. The crayon sharpener should not be used every day because you would want it to last. Teachers should use it once a week to sharpen all the crayons.

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How to Sharpen Classroom Crayons with an Electric Sharpener

The X-ACTO crayon sharpener works on any brand of standard sized crayons. Since Crayola crayons tend to be less waxy and less crumbly than other brands, I would recommend that you only use Crayola crayons. It is important to let your students know that crayon sharpener is only for crayons, and not for regular pencils or color pencils.

I see that there is an Elmer’s Crayon Sharpener that looks just like the X-Acto one but the X-Acto sharpener is cheaper (at the time of writing this blog post, it is cheaper).

Students will be happy to color again with crayons that look out-of-the-box brand new!

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