Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards

Magnetic bulletin board Border Trims for Whiteboards

Did you know that there are magnetic border trims for whiteboards? Magnetic Border Trims are used in the classroom as whiteboard border trims, dividers for whiteboard grids, and for dressing up metal doors. Teachers love them because they are easy to put up and take down. They are made of plastic with a black magnet backing.

The typical width that you should look for is 2 inches or 1.5 inches, these sizes are great for a whiteboard border. The thinner trims are usually used for separating a whiteboard into smaller sections or for making a grid. It’s a great way to divide my board and not have a permanent mark like tape would leave.

If you are wondering if magnetic border trims can stay up on whiteboards that are covered in paper, the answer is mostly yes. If your border trim is from a reputable brand like Teacher Created Resources (for example), then yes, because those are very strong, and they hardly shift unless you deliberately pull them off.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are examples of magnetic border trims for whiteboards.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 1

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards

Magenetic border trims come in different colors like, black, teal, blue, and rainbow colors. They also vary by width and patterns. See many examples below.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 3Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 5
Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards

Colorful magnetic border trims: I love these strips in the bright colors. This colorful scribble border trim works well for dividing a white board into sections to make a grid for notes. There are also magnetic letters to match this border trim. I found a brightly colored circle pattern border trim and a colorful stripes border trim.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 7Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 9

Teal magnetic border trims: There are different variations of teal borders; there’s a teal confetti trim, a teal wash wood grain, an ultra-thin teal marquee border trim, and a plain teal border trim.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 11

Watercolor Rainbow border trim: Adding color to a whiteboard changes it from boring to engaging. This teacher used these trims to create a border around her  morning rotations on her magnetic chalkboard. They stick well to the board, and are very bright and colorful.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 13

Black magnetic border trims: Black is a color that goes with anything. The different types of black magnetic trims are the black trim with marquee dots, black and white polka dot trim, black and white striped border trim, and the black chalkboard trim with bright dots.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 15

Burlap Magnetic Border Trim: If you are doing a farmhouse theme, you will love having the look of burlap framing your whiteboard. This burlap border is magnetic and really stays on strong. This reclaimed wood border trim is also suitable for a farmhouse theme.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 17

Blue Magnetic Border Trim: Here’s another border trim from Teacher Created Resources. This is blue with a chevron pattern. These sets come with twelve strips in the pack, giving you are total of 24 feet in total. All of the magnetic border trim sets from Created Resources come in the same amounts in the pack, and total length. I also found a teal polka dot border trim.

Magnetic Border Trims for Whiteboards 19

Wide magnetic border trims: While most magnetic border trims are narrow, this black scalloped polka dotted one is wide like a redular border trim. It is the widest one I have found.

More ideas for magnetic border trims for whiteboards will be added to this post as I find them. As we are on the topic of whiteboards, you may be interested in this blog post about the best magnetic word cards for whiteboards.

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