Mini Fridges for Classrooms

Why do teachers need mini fridges for classrooms? Keeping a minifridge in your classroom can save you from having to make trips to the common school pantry and you would have some privacy for storing your daily lunches right in your own space at work. There are different types of freestanding minifridges, tabletop minifridges, and minifridges for under your teacher desk. The bigger two-door minifridges have a freezer section at the top door for you to keep frozen lunches for if you forgot to bring a lunch to school. The super tiny fridges are just big enough to keep a teacher’s lunch, snacks, and a few drinks.

I love to find awesome classroom organization ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are the best mini fridges for teachers to keep in their classrooms.

Mini Fridges for Classrooms – Tips

Have a small free-standing fridge for your classroom pantry area: Of all the mini fridges in this list, this one might be the biggest. If you have the room in your classroom, this small fridge will hold a teacher’s drinks and lunches, frozen lunches in the freezer, and students’ snack bags for class parties.

Get a tiny secret fridge for under your desk: If teachers are not allowed to have minifridges in their classrooms, get a really tiny minifridge that can fit in a cabinet, so no one can tell that it’s there. It can save you from making trips to the lounge for drinks, yogurt, or coffee creamer. Also, if you are a breast feeding teacher, a tiny discreet mini fridge can be kept right under your desk for storing your milk after pumping at work.

A tiny tabletop fridge to stand on your filing cabinet: On top of your filing cabinet is a popular location for a classroom fridge. Teachers usually keep their food and drinks cold in a small enough fridge like this pink mini fridge.

Keep a tiny fridge in a corner: Keep your foods cold in a 10 liter mini fridge designed just for quick cooling of lunches. You can unplug it overnight or over the weekend if nothing is left inside and it quickly cools down the next day. This would allow you to avoid common areas but keep your lunch cold each day without the need for ice packs in your lunch bag.

Mini Fridges for Classrooms

A personal mini fridge that keeps food warm or cool: Some mini fridges can keep food either warm or cool. This extra small mini fridge does that and it is really quiet too. It heats up for in around two hours. It can also be plugged into your car. If you want it only for drinks, it can fit four bottles of soda. The shelf in it can me moved around to adjust for better placement of bottles or containers. This is the tiniest minifridge in this list.

How to Decorate Mini Fridges for Classrooms

Minifridge decorations are usually fridge magnet buttons and magnet stickers. Below are ideas for decorating your mini fridge:

Use Motivational magnets: These decorative magnets have positive and motivating messages on each.

Add a decal: This vinyl wall decal sticks well onto a metal surface, making it good choice as a mini fridge decoration.

More classroom mini fridge ideas will be added soon.