Fun Classroom Wall Decor Ideas for Above your Whiteboard

If you need classroom wall decor ideas for above your whiteboard, I have a few for you. The space above your whiteboard, bulletin boards, and cupboards can have a simple welcome garland or poster. You do not want to overcrowd the space with too much information, but you want to have something there that students can refer to for revision of a daily used concept like number facts or the alphabet. You can also use the empty wall space to hang a poster or sign that says ‘Welcome’.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for using up the classroom wall space above your whiteboard.

Classroom Wall Decor Ideas for Above your Whiteboard

These are decorative the ideas that you can find on a typical classroom wall.

Make a large welcome bulletin board: There are welcome bulletin board sets that just show posters of the letters in the word ‘welcome’. They come in different themes like confetti and superhero theme. This welcome bulletin board set is perfect for the boho themed classroom in the picture. The size of the posters is just the right space for fitting between the whiteboard and the ceiling.

Hang up number strips and alphabet posters: These are perfect for above your whiteboard because they are usually laid out horizontally and students need to see them at a close enough range for quick reference. Amazon has number lines that are ready-made so you don’t have to print them out. There are also sets that come with both the alphabet and the number lines on matching strips. This Alien tape was used to hang up the number line and posters on the cinder block wall.

The use of alphabet posters is one of the most popular classroom wall decor ideas for above your whiteboard. If you need alphabet posters to match your theme, see the alphabet sets available at my tpt store.

Use Classroom wall decals: Encouraging messages of positivity can be displayed in the form of a wall decal high up on your wall. See lots of different classroom decals and how teachers are using them in this blog post.

Hang your classroom clock: A functional item, like a classroom clock, is necessary for every classroom. This teacher also added decorative wreathes on both sides of her wall clock. See recommendations for different types of classroom clocks in this blog post.

Hang a welcome garland on your classroom wall: This beautiful set has a pompom garland a welcome sign that is just the right size for the space above deepset classroom cupboards and the ceiling.

Classroom Wall Decor Ideas for Above your Whiteboard – Hang bunting garlands

Banners for high empty walls: Long pennant garlands, banners, buntings, and pompom garlands can be standalone decorations on empty classroom walls. If you need pennants to match your theme, see the pennants available at my tpt store.

Motivational Posters are just the right size: The space between your class ceiling and your whiteboard is usually just big enough to display a row of posters. There are so many poster sets that you can use, like growth mindset posters, motivational posters, classroom subject area posters.

I hope this post has given you helpful classroom wall decor ideas for above your whiteboard. For making your decorations stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post. Also, check out these ideas for what you can hang below your whiteboard area.