11 Classroom Letter Board Ideas

Letter boards for classrooms

Are you looking for classroom letter board ideas? Changeable letter boards serve as message boards in the classroom. Teachers keep them on shelves or desks, or anywhere that is stable, so they do not fall over.  Always make sure that your letter board letters are contrasting with the color of the felt background for the words to stand out. Letter boards can be used to show humor, remind students of notices, welcome the class, and show encouraging messages. Most teachers use the felt letter boards, but there are also light up letter boards, Lego letter boards, and Scrabble letter boards.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are display ideas for your classroom letter board.

Classroom Letter Board Ideas – Decorative Ideas

These are all the ways that you can display your letter board in your classroom.

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A letter board can show a welcoming message for your classroom library: This letter board’s message encourages students to settle in and read a book from the library.

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Drape a garland over your letterboard: If you have a very short message on your letter board, drape a garland over it to brighten up the empty spaces.

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Feature your letter board on a bulletin board: You can make a welcoming message on a tiny letter board and stick it to its own bulletin board. This letter board reads ‘I’m so happy you’re here’. Succulent cutouts are added to add color to the bulletin board.

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A letter board can decorate your classroom window area: If you don’t have any more available tabletop space, you can get creative with where you can place your letter board, like the window perhaps.

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Classroom Letter Board ideas – Messages

These are some ideas below for motivating messages that you can put on your letter boards.

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Classroom Letter Board ideas – Display Motivating messages
  • Use your letter board to display short, positive, and motivating messages: Students need motivating messages to keep them encouraged. Each week you can put a new motivational saying for them.
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  • Use a letter board as a welcome back to school sign: A letter board with a welcoming message is perfect for adding to a warm atmosphere for your students. This is one of the most popular classroom letter board ideas for back to school.
  • Use letter boards as rule reminders: Having several message boards, each with a different classroom rule or a classroom procedure notice, can help to remind students of what they need to do and how they need to do it.
  • Use a letter board to countdown school days: Letter boards have numbers and letters for you to count up each day of school up to the 100th day of school or countdown to the last day of school. Students can be rotated for changing the numbers each day.
  • Display seasonal greetings on your letter board: Lots of letter boards come with seasonal icons for making messages for special days, holidays, and seasons.
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Types of Classroom Letter Boards

Most teachers use the felt letter boards, but there are scrabble message boards and Lego letter boards that serve the same purpose.

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This felt letter board has lights built into the stand. The lights really make it stand out.

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Both of these letter boards use scrabble letters but I prefer the one with the Lego board so that if it tips over, the letters can stay on. You can click on the pictures to see size availability information and pricing.

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How to Store Letter Board letters

Letter board letters, numbers, and symbols can be stored organizer boxes with labeled partitioned sections.

letter board letter storage in organizer boxletter board letter storage in box organizer with labeled partitionsletter board letter storage for scrabble letters
Store Letter Board letters in an organizer box

I hope that you have found some classroom letter board ideas that suit your grade level. If you need more inspiration for messages for your letter board, you can use any of the messages on the bulletin board in this post about 10 General Bulletin Boards for any classroom.

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