Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas

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This is a growing collection of diversity bulletin board ideas for classrooms. Students need to see their class as a community and a family in which each member feels loved and accepted. It is so important for students to see themselves reflected in the books they read and the classroom decor around them.  Students differ by gender identity, race, religion, and socio-economic backgrounds. Teachers can create a classroom environment that is welcoming to all students.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The diversity bulletin board ideas below can create a classroom that encourages and reflects all types of diversity for students.

How to Show Diversity in Your Bulletin Boards

Classroom bulletin boards should have images that represent students of different races, identities, and genders.

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Use diversity in images of people: For clip art or cut-outs for your bulletin boards, use images of children of diverse ethnicities in non-stereotypical presentations.

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Diversity in identity: This bulletin board was used by a teacher about to start Summer School. She says ‘Although it was not my original intent, when I realized that June was Pride Month, I felt that this would be the perfect, age-appropriate sentiment for our students who are struggling with their identity and seeking acceptance.’

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Represent every skin tone in your posters and bulletin boards: Whether your class is diverse or not, you would want your students to see all shades of skin color being represented in the media around them. As a teacher, you can’t control everything your students hear and see, but you can choose to use your classroom materials as examples for how they should see the world… without filters. See diversity posters with all skin tones here. The welcome bulletin board above, with the striped pride heart in the center, represents diversity in identity and race. It is jam packed with different shades of skin toned head cutoutshand cutoutsbody outline cutoutsdiversity posters, diversity word cards, and they are all complemented with these skin toned boho borders and skin toned hand borders. Even the pushpins that hold up the posters, are skin toned, so that they do not distract from the posters as they would have, if they were brightly colored.

Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 11Diversity Bulletin Board Our strength is our diversity

Make a community diversity bulletin board for your school’s hallway: This bulletin board set has a lot of different elements. It reads ‘In Our Community, Our Strength is Our Diversity’. I found a similar one to it here.

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Use a simple theme of togetherness: Younger students may not understand words like ‘diversity’ or ‘inclusion’, but they understand what ‘together’ means. I like this colorful ‘Together We Can Change the World’ bulletin board for preschool and young students. The images of the kids in it promotes inclusiveness and togetherness. See more world changer bulletin boards in this blog post.

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Theme Based Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas

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Boho themed Diversity Bulletin Boards: The two boho bulletin boards above were created with this Everyone is Welcome Diversity bulletin board set.

Diversity Bulletin Board groovy

Groovy themed Diversity Bulletin Boards: The set comes with the rainbow, hand, smiley face, and flower cut outs, as well as the welcome message. There is a typo in the word ‘welcome’ but it is easy to fix, just cut out the letters and switch them back around.

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Rainbow themed Diversity Bulletin Boards: These bulletin boards were made with these posters.

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More Diversity Bulletin Boards

More diversity bulletin boards are below. They are just to give you ideas.

Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 29Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 31
Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 33Diversity Bulletin Board stronger together

For making your diversity bulletin boards stay up on cinder block walls, I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

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Printable Diversity Bulletin Board

Printable Diversity Bulletin Board boho

Together We Can Change the World Boho Diversity Bulletin Board: This printable bulletin board has a diversity theme with a boho theme. I added skin color hand cutouts and boho hearts. Check it out here at TpT. See all of my other digital diversity bulletin board ideas on TpT here.

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Diversity Bulletin BOard Ideas – Use Posters

Diversity Posters on classroom wall

Inclusive Posters for a safe place: I like the messages in these posters. They can be hung separately on the wall or made into a bulletin board. Using diversity posters to decorate the classroom is one of the simplest diversity bulletin board ideas because they are easier to hang up and they go up faster than bulletin board sets.

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This set of posters were made into a diversity bulletin board.

diversity posters for classroom

This is a set of nine diversity posters with skin tones featured in the text and graphics. The teacher used a glue gun to stick them to the brick wall.

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Diversity Wall Decals for Bulletin Boards

Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 43

I like this wall decal for a classroom to encourage diversity.

Diversity Bulletin Board Ideas 17

I hope this post gave you some ideas for diversity bulletin boards that you can try in your classroom.

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