How to Decorate School Hallways

How to decorate school Hallways with bulletin boards

This post is for showing you how to decorate school hallways with bulletin boards. School hallways are valuable real estate for bulletin boards that promote positive messages of school spirit. These bulletin boards can be as large as you want for displaying student work, school announcements and newsletters, welcome decorations, and motivational posters. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas.

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How to Decorate School Hallways with Bulletin BOards

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How to Decorate School Hallways with Students’ Work

Display student work: Stick up clipboards or bright laminated sheets of cardstock to display students’ work. For sticking these items to the wall, check out this post to see how to to hang them on cinder block walls. Use clothes pins at the tops and hot glue cute cut-outs over them. Place masking tape on the back of the paper fans, then add hot glue to the masking tape rather than the fan itself. This will help with keeping them intact so you can use them again for another school year.

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Make a large bulletin board for school announcements: Any upcomming school event and important notices can be posted on a announcement bulletin board in the school hallway for both parents and students to see.

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Make a motivational bulletin board: Your school hallways can have bulletin boards that encourage and motivate your students to do their best everyday. See more motivational bulletin board ideas in this blog post.

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Make a vertical bulletin board along a culumn: This is how you make a large bulletin board in a tall but narrow space. This school hallway corner has an impressive welcome bulletin board that is just a tower of the letters in the word ‘welcome’. It looks like a Spring themed bulletin board with the leaf and cloud cut outs, and the borders of the posters have rainbow colors.

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Make a large welcome bulletin board: Whether it is back to school time or during the school term, a simple welcome statement will help to send out a message of love and belonging. This is welcome bulletin board was made with these letter buntings. See more large welcome bulletin boards in this blog post.

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Hang decorations from the ceiling: Hang decorations like buntings, tissue pompoms, and foil swirls from the ceiling at intervals between each classroom block.

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