Reading Bulletin Boards

Reading Bulletin Boards

It is easy to make reading bulletin boards for your classroom. To make a bulletin board that promotes a love for reading, it can feature a famous quote about reading, a humorous message, or a collection of motivational reading posters. These bulletin boards can be displayed in your reading nook or over your library area.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making reading bulletin boards.

How to Make Reading Bulletin Boards

To make a reading bulletin board, you can use a complete bulletin board set with pictures, headings and cutouts, or you can use an array of reading posters to make a bulletin board. Reading bulletin boards can be put on classroom walls, whiteboards, and doors. See examples below.

Reading Bulletin Boards on Walls

Reading Bulletin Boards 1Reading Bulletin Boards 2
reading bulletin board today a reader tommorow a leaderReading bulletin board with anchor chart for 10 Reasons to Read More

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader: This reading bulletin board set comes with the words and the cutouts. The tree bulletin board is made with confetti circle letters and a woodland tree. The bright colorful bulletin board has reading banner posters from Sproutbrite.

Reading Bulletin Boards 3

One book can change the world bulletin board: This bulletin board features the quote by Malala Yousafzai. The butterflies look so real.

reading bulletin board reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body

‘Reading is to the Mind, As Exercise is to the Body’ bulletin board: This bulletin board explains that reading grows and strengthens the mind.

reading gives your imagination wings reading bulletin board

‘Reading Gives your Imagination Wings’ bulletin board: This bulletin board was made with this letter set and these butterflies.

reading corner bulletin board set cactus themed

Cactus themed reading bulletin board set: This set comes with reading posters, cutouts, and a ‘read’ letter heading. I found a very similar foliage version here.

reading strategies bulletin board the keys to be a better readerreading strategies bulletin board reading is thinking
Bulletin Boards for Reading Strategies

Reading Strategy Bulletin Boards: This keys to reading bulletin board has reading strategy posters along with a heading and cutouts. The strategies are preview, infer, connect, visualize, summarize, predict, evaluate, and question. I found another reading strategy bulletin board with six strategies explained, a ‘reading is thinking’ header, and cutouts.

Reading Bulletin Boards 4

Classroom Door or Library Door Reading Bulletin Boards

reading will bulletin board

Make a ‘Reading Will’ bulletin board: This reading bulletin board was created from from a coloful and inspirational set of two posters.

reading bulletin boards on classroom door reading gives you wings

Reading Gives you Wings Door Bulletin Board: This set comes with words and large cutouts, which make it suitable for a door bulletin board. There were a lot of butterflies left over for the teacher to put on her cupboards.

Reading Bulletin Boards 5

Reading is an Adventure door bulletin board: This is a bulletin board set that is used on a classroom door. It is great for any outdoors theme like a camping, Spring, Summer, or an adventure theme.

reading takes you places bulletin board adventure awaits

Reading Takes You Places bulletin board: An adventure themed tapestry is placed in the middle of this reading bulletin board.

More door bulletin boards for reading will be added as I find them.

Reading Bulletin Boards 4

Reading Bulletin Boards made with Posters

Reading Bulletin Boards 7

Use A ‘Reading Can’ Header: Use a poster set to show all the benefits of reading. This is used with a rainbow theme since the posters are so colorful. Rainbow border trims and a large rainbow garland are added to match the posters.

reading bulletin boards made from posters brights theme

Bright colors on chalkboard themed reading posters: This set of reading posters make a beautiful bulletin board for a classroom library.

Interactive Poster Bulletin Board for Close Reading

Interactive Poster Bulletin Board for Close Reading: This poster set has more parts than what is shown in the picture. It includes a dry-erase prompt poster for students to prove their answers by showing evidence.

reading classroom posters with dollar tree frames

Keep it simple with posters only: You can just place an array of posters on your wall and frame them to make tgem pop. This set of reading posters were framed with dollar tree frames. The other poster reads ‘reading is an adventure that nener ends’.

reading corner bulletin board chalkboardreading corner bulletin board colorful
Reading corner posters

Reading corner posters: These reading posters come in three themes; colorful pastel, chalkboard, and bright theme.

Reading Bulletin Boards 8read bulletin board with posters make today better 2

Teacher Created Resources Wonderfully Wild Reading Bulletin Board set: This bulletin board poster set has eight posters with positive messages about reading books. The one on the right has matching flowers added from this bulletin board set.

Reading Bulletin Boards 4

Reading Banners for Reading Bulletin Boards

These reading banners can either be placed above your bulletin board or be the featured text withing your reading bulletin board. See examples below.

reading banner for reading bulletin boards reading will...Reading Bulletin Boards 10

A ‘Reading Will’ Poster Banner Set: Show all the things that reading will do for a reader with this poster set. It is a Sproutbrite creation that can go on your classroom wall or in your reading nook. It reads ‘Reading will expand your mind, shape your dreams, take you on an adventure, and inspire you to think big’. The bulletin board with the hot air balloons used balloon wall decals and a cloud background.

Reading Bulletin Boards 4

Seasonal Reading Bulletin Board

reading bulletin board winter theme

Winter Reading Bulletin Board: This bulletin board is Winter themed. It reads ‘Chill out with a Good Book’. To recreate it, you will need silver sparkle letters, snowflake cutouts, a dark blue background, and snowflake borders.

More seasonal reading bulletin boards will be added as I find them.

Reading Bulletin Boards 4

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