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Are you looking for Classroom Schedule Display Ideas? Classroom schedules are helpful for keeping students mindful about the subjects that are to be done each day, and the scheduled duration of each session. Classroom schedules display ideas can be in the form of classroom schedule pocket chart displays or classroom schedule bulletin boards. Every schedule chart must have the starting times for each session shown. Ending times can be added but they are optional. Analog clock images can be used for showing the times. Digital time can be written in, but I would recommend that using both representations would be best for catering to the diverse needs of your students.

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are classroom schedule display ideas that are bulletin boards and pocket charts mostly found on Amazon. Find one to make a beautiful display for daily classroom schedules in your classroom.

Classroom Schedule Display Ideas for Older Students

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  • Classroom Schedule Bulletin board with Clocks: This bulletin board has four clocks with fixed times set to show the times for arrival, specials, lunch, and dismissal. It has larger clock at the center, with real-time minutes and hours going by each day. See more examples of clocks you can use in this post about classroom clocks.
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  • Keep your schedule chart right under your date bulletin board: A simple schedule pocket chart adds more interactivity to your date bulletin board or calendar area. Students will like the ease of daily use that a pocket chart system provides for the date, time, and subject display area.
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  • Add motivating cards to your schedule chart: When students look at the daily schedule chart, it can make them feel overwhelmed. A simple way to ease this feeling is to place an encouraging message right on the schedule chart, preferably at the top, so it’s the first thing they read. A teacher kept two of the cards from this mini bulletin board set (which were really for another bulletin board) but used two of the motivational cards for her schedule chart. The cards that she placed at the top are really fitting for a schedule chart. It reads ‘Today only happens once… Make it amazing!’ and the one at the bottom says, ‘I can and I will’.
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  • Use two pocket charts to get enough time slots: Classrooms with younger students have more sessions with shorter durations to keep students engaged because they have a shorter attention span than older kids. Doubling up on schedule pocket charts will give you more time slots for all of your daily planned activities.
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  • Place a large clock cutout over your schedule chart: A real clock, a clock cutout, or both, can go over your schedule timetable. A working clock will be a good reference for students to know where they are in terms of time, shown on the schedule chart. A clock cut out with movable hands will be a fun way for students to display the current time or the time for the next session to start. There are clock cut outs that are magnetic for your whiteboard, and ones that are durable for adding to a bulletin board. Smaller clock cutouts can just be used as decorations for your class schedule bulletin board.
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  • Make a write on wipe off schedule table on your whiteboard: Make a dry erase classroom schedule table on your whiteboard. Use cards that are printed on dry erase magnetic sheets and use magnetic tapes.
  • Give out a personal timetable to each student: This is a free template of a printable weekly timetable for students to keep. It is from my TpT collection.
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Classroom Schedule Display Ideas for Younger Students

For students that cannot read a clock yet, you do not have to have any clock face images or real clocks near your schedule display because it might overwhelm them. Make the charts easy to understand with pictures that represent the sessions or activities.

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  • Classroom Schedule Pocket Chart with pictures: This schedule pocket chart was made for homeschool. A preschool teacher used it anyway by adding her own pictures which were relevant to her class schedule.
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  • Make a schedule chart without clock faces or time: Depending on the class you have, you can make a simplified schedule chart with movable pointers to show which session is happening at the moment, instead of showing clock faces or displaying the times for each session. This chart is held up on a whiteboard with adhesive magnets on the backs of the hand pointers.
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  • Use a morning and afternoon schedule chart: This is a picture based schedule pocket chart that is divided into two sections for morning and afternoon. No times are shown for activities. It is useful for students who need a visual prompt as to what the schedule is and how they should look when doing each task.
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Classroom Schedule Display Ideas for Special Needs Students

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Make a picture based schedule chart for special needs students: A special needs teacher made this schedule chart for her students, the pictures help students understand what the sessions are. She used magnetic squares to keep the pictures up on the whiteboard.

See my collection of printable schedule cards in this blog post. They are from my TpT schedule card collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files. 

You can also check out editable classroom timetable sheets for your students in this blog post.

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