Affirmation Station Classroom Ideas

Are you looking for affirmation station classroom ideas? Many teachers are making affirmation station bulletin boards in their classrooms for their students. Daily reinforcement of positive self-talk is important for building self-esteem in students and it is a good habit for them to form, so that even outside of the classroom, they can say positive affirmations to build their confidence. An affirmation station can take the form of posters, a bulletin board, or a tapestry. These affirmation station classroom ideas will help you to choose the right mirrors for your bulletin board and find the bulletin board display size for your wall space.

I love to find awesome classroom bulletin board ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making an affirmation station in your classroom. Most of these classroom affirmation station ideas have mirrors to help make it a personal experience for students.

Affirmation Station Classroom Ideas

  • Use a positive affirmation wall tapestry: Students can find many positive words to identify with in this tapestry. The graffiti style is appealing to students.
Affirmation Station Classroom Ideas – Bulletin Boards for Positive Self Talk
  • Add positive sayings to your affirmation bulletin board: These affirmation bulletin boards have confetti themed positive sayings for students to do positive self-talk, daily.
Affirmation Station Classroom Ideas – mirror bulletin boards
  • Use a mirror on your affirmation bulletin board: It is a really good idea to use a mirror right on your affirmation bulletin board for students to focus on themselves and not be distracted as they say the affirmations. The use of mirrors is one of the most popular affirmation station classroom ideas that teachers use. See more about mirrors in the next heading below.
  • Use growth Mindset Posters: See my collection of growth mindset posters here. These printables are from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files.

You may also get inspiration from this blog post full of growth mindset bulletin board examples, which can be a part of your affirmation station.

Types of Mirrors for Classroom Affirmation Stations

The mirrors used in classrooms can be glass or shatterproof. Always choose shatterproof mirrors to be safe.

Glass Mirrors for Affirmation Stations

Affirmation station bulletin board you are with mirrorAffirmation station bulletin board with mirror

The mirrors on these affirmation station bulletin boards are made of real glass. If you choose to use real mirrors, they must be securely fastened to the wall and they should be framed so that there are no sharp edges. Use a lot of strong mounting tape on the back to secure them. These mirrors can be square, rectangular, or circular.

Shatterproof Mirrors for Affirmation Stations

Shatterproof mirrors for classrooms can be in the form of multiple tiles that you can lay out in a design or they can be a single mirror.

Tips to help prevent your mirror from breaking

These tips cannot guarantee that your classroom mirror will not break if it falls, but they can reduce the likelihood to some extent.

  • Cover the entire back of the mirror glass with duct tape. This might help to spread out the shock impact. Also, if your mirror does break, the duct tape might help to hold the pieces so that there are less loose splinters.
  • Use a soft frame on your mirror: You can use a baby-safe soft framed mirror. These mirrors come with a soft frame. Glass mirrors so not come with soft frames but you can hack it. Some teachers cut pool noodles to frame their mirrors. The baby-safe mirrors are not glass, they are shatterproof.
  • The position of the mirror matters: If your bulletin board is right above a countertop or shelf, position the mirror at the base of the bulletin board so that it also rests on the counter or shelf, while also being secured to the wall or bulletin board.

I hope you found new Affirmation Station Classroom Ideas in this post. For more examples of mirrors being used on bulletin boards, see more mirrors in this blog post.