Christmas Snack Gift Ideas

Chistmas Snack Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Christmas snack gift ideas for your students, these ideas are easy to make and verry cute for the season. Students love to see colorful treats, so colorful candies like M&Ms and very popular for snack treat gifts. You can always look for sugar-free alternatives for these snacks so that they’ll have less sugar.

You can either make these treats for your students or have them make them with you as a fun activity. I love to find awesome seasonal gift ideas for teachers and students. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making a Christmas Snack Gift Ideas.

Easy Christmas Snack Gift Ideas

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  • Make a Santa’s Sleigh: Use two candy canes at the base as the sleigh runners. Glue gun a KitKat bar on the runners. For Santa’s bah of treats, have some candies in a cellophane bag, tied off with Christmas ribbons. Add a Christmas themed Hershey’s chocolate bar with the Santa on the front to the front of the treat bag… so that Santa can drive his sleigh.
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  • Make M&M treat tube bottles: Fill clear plastic tube bottles like these with M&M candy. Dress them up with vinyl cutouts of Christmas elements. The lids screw on and off easily and without sticking or cross-threading.
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  • Make M&M filled bulb ornaments: Make M&M ornaments by filling up refillable light bulb ornaments with assorted mini M&Ms. Add ribbon to decorate them.

I hope you liked these Christmas snack gift ideas. More ideas will be added as I find them. You may be interested in the other Christmas themed classroom ideas below:

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