Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas

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Are you searching for classroom greenery wall ideas for your classroom? A greenery wall adds life to any classroom, especially to classrooms that are windowless. A good quality greenery wall is lush with full coverage. There should be no spaces between the foliage. They usually have a wire frame on the backs to keep them sturdy. Teachers like to use them in the Spring as seasonal classroom decorations.

I love to see greenery walls in classrooms. Maybe it’s because I love nature themes. They are also called boxwood hedge panels or faux greenery mats.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below show how teachers are using classroom greenery wall ideas to complement their theme.

Types of Greenery Wall Sets

Greenery walls for classrooms can be square grid panels, carpet-like rolls, flat 2D poster images for walls. The examples of these types being used below.

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Square grid panels: These types of greenery walls can give you flexibility for arranging them in any pattern you want. You can lay them out in rows, columns, rectangular shapes, or L-shapes. These panels can be either bushy and thick, or neat and trim. Most are plain green foliage but you can get panels with tiny flowers in them if you want more color and detail.

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Greenery wall rolls: Greenery walls also come in large rolls, like a carpet. These are usually not a thick as the grid panels.

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Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas – bulletin boards and Accents

Flat 2D Faux Greenery Walls: I know that greenery walls are usually ‘already fake’ but this idea is for having a faux fake greenery wall, lol! There is a bulletin board set by Teacher Created Resources called Modern Farmhouse and many of the posters and accents in it have images of a greenery wall background. They also make a greenery wall bulletin board paper, a greenery border trim, and boxwood paper lanterns, which look like the lanterns are made of shrubbery.

greenery wall tapestry

Faux Greenery Wall Tapestry: A teacher decorated her classroom with this tapestry, which has a stone garden wall, liberally covered in hanging vines. She used three sets of the same tapestry, and another tapestry, to cover the wall.

How to Install a Greenery Wall in your Classroom

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Turn over each panel to access the wire frames on the back. Use green cable ties to connect them on each side. You can add LED lights on the backs for more ambience. Hang them on Command hooks attached to your wall.

Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas – Where to Hang a Greenery Wall in your Classroom

Greenery accent walls can cover one of the sides of your classroom wall, around the window and stopping at the corners of the wall, ceiling, and floor. If you inherited a damaged wall, put up a greenery wall over it to hide the damage. Small panel applications can go over classroom bookshelf, or behind the teacher desk area.

greenery wall for message light in classroomClassroom Greenery Wall Ideas 13

Greenery wall over your classroom library: This greenery wall is decorative and also serves to anchor the large decorative letters over the classroom bookshelf.

Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas 15

Put a greenery wall behind your classroom countertops: Panels of greenery can be placed in a grid on the wall area behind the countertop areas in your classroom.

Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas 17greenery wall writing bulletin board area
Classroom Greenery Wall Ideas for bulletin boards

Make a greenery wall bulletin board background for poster sets: This teacher used a flat 2D greenery bulletin board paper as a background, then bordered it with a matching faux vine, and added posters and leaf accents.

greenery wall reading nook camping theme

Put a faux greenery wall bulletin board in your reading nook: The color green is known to be a calming color so this teacher used it in her reading nook to create a calming ambience. She used a green leaf photo backdrop as a faux greenery wall.

Greenery wall welcome bulletin board

Make a welcome wall: This is a simple welcome bulletin board for a classroom. To replicate it you would need this eucalyptus border trim, this greenery wall bulletin board paper, and this welcome garland.

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