3 Uses for Magnetic Curtain Rods in the Classroom

Discover the many uses for magnetic curtain rods in the classroom that you may not have expected. Magnetic display ideas are the easiest ways to hang items in your classroom. Magnetic rods, for the classroom, look like magnetic curtain rods or magnetic towel racks. The magnetic parts are the ends of the two arms which bracket the rod. Teachers use these rods for holding up mini anchor charts and flip charts on whiteboards, and for installing a safety curtain over the mini window of the classroom door. They can be plastic or metal, and they are usually available in different lengths and colors to suit your needs. See different uses for magnetic curtain rods in the classroom, below.

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How to Choose the Best Whiteboard Magnetic Rod

Magnetic rods for date flip cards should be spaced away from the whiteboard: If the support arms of the rack are too short, like in this rack, the date cards would not be easily flipped around the bar.

The color of your magnetic rod should match the surface it is attached to: White rods should go on whiteboards and black rods should go on the side of black filing cabinets.

Uses for Magnetic Curtain Rods in the Classroom

Magnetic rods to hold up mini anchor charts: A magnetic rod like this can hold two letter sized mini anchor charts on any magnetic surface in your classroom. This rod hangs from the side of a filing cabinet.

Uses for Magnetic Curtain Rods in the Classroom – Display interactive dates on calendar bulletin boards

Magnetic rods for metal classroom doors: For metal classroom doors, the mini window can have a privacy curtain installed with a magnetic rod.

Classroom lockers are metal, just like metal classroom doors, metal cupboards, and filing cabinets. Magnetic rods can be used on all of these classroom furniture items. Check out these ideas for making the most of your classroom lockers and filing cabinets.

I hope this post has helped you discover uses for magnetic curtain rods in the classroom. More ideas will be added as I find them.