How to Decorate Classroom Windows

How to Decorate Classroom Windows 1

If you are looking for tips on how to decorate classroom windows, there are different curtain options and decorative elements that you can put around your windows. Teachers use themed curtains, block-out curtains, sheer curtains, or curtains with simple patterns. Once you have the right curtains, you can add an extra decoration like pompom garlands at the top or string lights around the frame. Many classroom windows can have a minimalist look of just a simple poster on each glass window. Window clings are also great for large glass windows to reflect the classroom theme or the current season.

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How to Decorate Classroom Windows

How to Decorate Classroom Windows 3

Add pompom garlands over your window curtains: The theme of this classroom is a rainbow theme, but the curtains and bulletin board backgrounds are black and white so that they do not out shine the rainbow accents. These rainbow pompom garlands are hung over the curtain to match the classroom theme.

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Decorate classroom windows with string lights: Simple string lights can be put up along your window frames by using little magnetic hooks to position the lights along the frame.

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Use thick curtains to block out distractions from outside: A plain blackout curtain without any patterns is not distracting to students and if there’s anything going on outside that might distract your students, you can close up the window view with the curtains.

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Use sheer curtains to let in light: If your classroom is dimply lit or you do not get enough natural light coming into it, use sheer curtains or sheer valences to let in some light.

Ombre classroom curtain

Use curtains with simple patterns: I like to see classroom curtains with patterns that are not busy. Pastel colors, monochrome colors, or plain colors are great because they are not very distracting to look at.

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Hang a paper lantern in each window: Paper lanterns that come in different shades of blue can be hung from the top of each window frame. These lanterns match well with the sky colors and are not too distracting for students.

Classroom Window Posters

How to Decorate Classroom Windows 13

Hang up Pre-strung posters over classroom windowsThese pre-strung posters are hung along the classroom windows.

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Hang up posters and bulletin board sets over classroom windows: To fill the empty windows, this teacher paired some farmhouse posters with some growth mindset posters. The second picture has farmhouse reading posters on the windows.

How to Decorate Classroom Windows 19

Stick a large tree cutout in a large window: Decorate a tree in a classroom window for each season. This high school vestibule is decorated with a 60 piece tree set.

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