LEGO Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

LEGO Themed Classroom Decor Ideas 1

Lego themed classroom decor encourages creativity and a love for building things. Children love playing with Lego pieces, and it is good to build their hand-eye coordination. Legos can be incorporated into your lessons as they can be used for counting, arrays in multiplication, area and volume, and fractions. Teachers also have them for STEAM activities, early finisher work, and free play.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas below are LEGO themed classroom decor ideas.

LEGO Themed Classroom Decor Ideas for Walls

In a Lego themed classroom, you can create Lego focus walls, Lego themed bulletin boards and doors, and have Lego themed wall decals and decorations on your walls. See examples below:

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Make a LEGO focus wall: A brick play wall panel for Legos can be mounted on your classroom wall for makerspace activities. Base plates can be used for this purpose too. The blocks and the base plates can be bought separately or in a large set like this set which has 440 blocks that are compatible with Lego Duplo bricks, and it comes with eight base plates.

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LEGO Classroom Wall Decals: These are the best decals for a LEGO themed classroom because they are thick, and they hold on to cinder blocks and rough walls. You can mix and match the brick patterns with the block emoji decals.

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LEGO curtains and room dividers: Large LEGO shower curtains can be used as classroom dividers to break up a large room or to cover storage areas. Smaller shower curtains can be used as classroom window curtains.

Lego Themed Classroom Bulletin Boards

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LEGO Themed Classroom Decor Bulletin Boards

Make LEGO bulletin boards with base boards: This idea is great for making welcome boards in the hallways, on classroom doors, or classroom walls. For bigger bulletin boards just use more base boards.

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Make Lego Message Boards: Legos on baseboards can be used as message boards for your teacher desk or walls. This 10″ x 10″ baseboard is being used with these blocks.

Affordable Lego Compatible Blocks for Classrooms

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If you ever need affordable blocks that are compatible to LEGO blocks, I recommend this bulk set that has 1000 pieces in random colors and mixed shapes. Budget-friendly blocks that are compatible with your existing blocks are necessary for class projects.

How to Store Lego Pieces in your Classroom

Lego pieces can be stored in modular plastic drawers, clear drawer carts, or art bin drawers. All of these options are translucent for you to see the colors of the blocks inside each drawer.

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Storage for LEGO Themed Classroom Decor

Modular Plastic Drawers: This plastic drawer set is made by Sterilite. Sterilite drawers are very durable. It is about 11 inches tall and has five drawers for sorting Legos by color: red and pink, yellow and white, green, blue and purple, and black and white. This multiple set of Sterilite drawers is great for a larger collection of Legos.

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LEGO Classroom Storage

Clear Drawer Carts: Drawer carts are mobile! Students can roll it around with them as they move about the room to pick up Legos. The top of this cart has a flat sturdy surface for you to add a Lego mat for students to do Lego building on it.

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LEGO themed Classroom Storage for Lego pieces

Art bin drawers: The thirty drawers in this cabinet are narrow and there are so many drawers that they don’t really need dividers. The drawers easily pull out, but they do not fall out of the unit.

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Tackle boxes in a shelf: For a huge Lego collection, the pieces can be stored and sorted in tackle boxes. Two shelves are stacked together to hold the tackle boxes.  The dimensions of each slot is perfect for sliding in the boxes, while allowing a small part of the box hang out, to grab onto.

Lego storage in container glued to Lego wall on cupboard

Glue storage containers onto your Lego wall: Clear storage containers can be taped to a wall, cupboard, or any other vertical surface that this near to the Lego station. Clear containers allow for the Lego pieces inside to be easily seen. This clear double-sided tape was used on the containers.

How to Sort Lego Pieces

Lego pieces can be sorted by size, shape, or color. They can be sorted in flat sorting trays.

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Sorting trays: These sorting trays are stackable and they have clear lids that you can put on them to close them up. Working on Legos in the trays makes it easier to pick up all the pieces for putting them away.

I hope you have found great Lego themed classroom decor ideas here.

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