New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you looking for new year bulletin board ideas for your classroom? New Year’s Day bulletin boards are the first decor items that students will see as they are welcomed back to school for the new calendar year. It is always better to get new year decorations that are not specific to the year so that you can use them again each year.

Gold and black or gold and silver are traditional color themes for new year decorations. Confetti border trims and bulletin board papers are also very popular for new year bulletin boards. Party stores have lots of decorations like banners, garlands, and cutouts. However, teachers should aware that many of the party cutout sets may have champagne elements which are not suitable for the classroom.

The elements that you want to use are fireworks, balloons, gold stars, top hats, number cut outs for the year, and big shades (eye wear).  Below, are New Year bulletin board ideas for classrooms.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making New Year’s Day bulletin boards.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 1

Use a large backdrop for an instant bulletin board: This cardstock banner says ‘Happy New Year’ and it makes an instant new year bulletin board. It has the traditional gold and black color theme.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 3

Use a ‘Happy New Year’ Letter Garland: Hang up a Happy New Year letter garland over a monochrome background. The color of the letters must always contrast with the color of the backgrounds for the letters to stand out. These garlands can be black, white, silver, or gold.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 5

Hang up a giant New Year’s Day Coloring Page: Have your students color a huge New Year’s Day themed coloring page that you can mount up as a colorful bulletin board display. Students will feel proud to have their work on display.

New Year bulletin board door this will be the zest year ever

Make a play on words: If you are doing a fruit theme, or lemon theme, you can make a bulletin board that says ‘This Will Be The Zest Year Ever’. A large bulletin board or door would need two packs of these lemon border trims.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 7

Make a ‘Sliding into a New Year’ Bulletin Board: This bulletin board has cute penguins skiing on the slopes made of lace. A snowflake border and snowflake cutouts stand out against the dark blue night sky backdrop.

New year bulletin board set a toast to the new year

Use cute New Year’s Day bulletin boards for younger kids: This cute bulletin board set comes with a border trim, cutouts and letters. It reads ‘A Toast to the New Year’. I found similar bulletin boards like this. The first one says ‘Ready for a Groovy Year’, and the second one reads ‘Poppin’ Into a New Year’.

Add new year themed cutouts to your bulletin board: New Year’s Day cutout sets can be gold, silver, or both colors. There are also door sign cutouts that you can hang on your bulletin board.

Use free bulletin board printables from TpT: There are lots of free New Year bulletin board ideas on TpT that you can use. See them here.

New Year Classroom Door Bulletin Board

New Year door bulletin board sliding into a new year

‘Sliding into a New Year’ door bulletin board: This New Year’s themed classroom door decor was created using this Winter penguin themed bulletin board set.

Instant New Year’s Day Bulletin Boards

Happy New Year bulletin board tapestryInstant New Year's Day bulletin board

There are many Happy New Year tapestries that you can hang up on your classroom wall as instant bulletin boards.

Printable New Year Bulletin BOardS

See the complete set of printable new year bulletin boards here. Below are a that are crossed with other themes. I will continue to add more for you. If you would like me to create one for you to match your theme, just let me know in the comments section.

New Year Bulletin Board TpT Editable and Printable | This is Our Year to Shine

This Is Our Year To Shine bulletin board: Make this new year’s day themed bulletin board for your class in three easy steps; print, cut, and stick. I created this template for teachers to be able to quickly create a complete bulletin board for the new year. Currently, it has number cutouts for 2024 which can be edited for the future years to come. It is an editable Power Point file, and you can change the text to match any year. You can add these paper fans, gold border trims, and this black star-filled background.

Poppin into a new year bulletin board wide evergreen

Poppin’ Into A New Year popcorn bulletin board: This printable bulletin board has cutouts for 2024 and it is editable for any year to be added. Yellow and red paper fans and border trims will match the color theme.

New Year Bulletin Board Groovy New Year

Get Ready for a Groovy Year bulletin board: I enjoyed making this editable groovy themed new year bulletin board. It has a large collection of cutouts that you won’t see in the picture but you can download the preview file from the TpT description to see everything.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 9

I hope that this post has helped you find New Year Bulletin Board Ideas for your classroom. Check out these Free New Year’s Day Worksheets and this list of New Year themed picture books for kids.

New Year Bulletin Board Ideas 11