100th Day of School Classroom Decor Ideas

100th Day of School classroom decor ideas are for celebrating 100 days at school. Most schools observe the 100th day of school from mid-January to mid-February if the school term started in the previous August or September. The vibe of the 100th day of school is usually very festive. Colorful balloons, foil decorations, banners, and bulletin boards make it feel like a party. These decorations can be school wide decorations in the hallways, and each classroom can have a focus area for 100th day like a classroom door bulletin board, wall bulletin board, wall banner, or decorations hanging from the ceiling. There are also educational bulletin boards that help students to count to 100. These are put up from the first day of school for students to track each day up to the 100th day.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for decorating your classroom for 100th day.

100th Day of School Classroom Decor Ideas

Decorate your school or classroom for 100th Day with bulletin boards on you walls, doors, and school hallways. Hallway culumns can also be decorated with 100th Day vertical banners. You can decorate your classroom with one hundred of each type of decoration such as balloons or stars. I’ve seen teachers add 100 stickers to their bulletin board borders. See axamples of 100th Day of School classroom decor ideas below.

100th Day of School Bulletin Boards

These are ideas for making 100th Day of School Bulletin Boards.

Use a pocket chart: Make an interactive pocket chart system to countdown to the 100th day of school. Use a 100-pocket chart to hold the number cards. This pocket chart comes with the numbers 1-100. As each day passes, students can add a new number card to track the 100 days of school.

Make an instant 100th Day of School bulletin board: Use a 100th day of school party backdrop as an instant bulletin board that you can use each year. This backdrop has the words ‘The 100th Day of School’. Instant bulletin boards are a new thing and you can see more examples of these in this blog post.

Counting the Days of School Base Ten Bulletin Board: This interactive bulletin board is helpful for math sense and counting up to the 100th Day of school.

100th Day of School Classroom Door

Use cutouts on classroom door: The cutouts on this door are part of a 100th day of school bulletin board set that has the letters for spelling out ‘100 hundred days of school’, and it has the cutouts you see in the picture.

More 100th Day of School Classroom Decor Ideas

Vertical Banners: This two-piece 100th Day of school banner set can be hung up in the school hallway, hung on vertical columns, or hung on either side of your classroom door.

Decorate hallways with letter pennants: You classroom wall or hallway can have a pennant with the words ‘100th Day of School’. This pennant also comes with 100th day themed cutouts.

Hang up a large number 100 balloon: Inflated 40 inch number balloons are popular for 100th day decorations. Keep it simple with just the number 100 or have a blow up phrase like ‘100 Happy Days‘ all in number and letter balloon form.

You may also be interested in this post I wrote about helping students to count to one hundred by grouping items in tens and having ten groups. It’s based on a hands-on activity my students did. Also, here’s a list of picture books for the 100th Day of school and a collection of 100th Day of School T-Shirt Crafts that your students can do to celebrate 100th day.

More 100th Day of School Classroom Decor Ideas will be added as I find them.