Fun 100th Day of School T-Shirt Craft Ideas for Kids

If you need a way to make the 100th day of school memorable for your students, you can try these 100th Day of School T-shirt craft ideas. This is something that your students will do for themselves with your guidance. This is a fun way to make a keepsake that represents the theme of this milestone, reaching the 100th day of school.

I put together some ideas for you to give your students options of T-shirt designs that they can create. They will have to gather one hundred of the items that they choose to decorate their jersey with. These items can be adhesive gemstones, mini pompom balls, adhesive eyeballs, stick-on hearts, and sticky-back foam shapes. Popular phrases for the t-shirts that students can write on for themselves are ‘100 Days Brighter’, ‘My first 100 days were Sweet’, ‘My first 100 days were Out of This World’, 100 Days of Loving School’, and ‘100 days Smarter’.

I love to find awesome classroom craft projects. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are great for making 100th day of school T-shirt crafts.

100th Day of School T-Shirt Craft Ideas for Kids

These 100th Day of School T-Shirt Craft Ideas have one hundred of different types of craft items glued to jerseys. Examples of these items are mini pompom balls to represent gumballs, googley eyes, adhesive foam shapes (hearts and butterflies), and adhesive gemstones.

See examples of each of these 100th Day of School T-Shirt Craft Ideas below:

100 Days Gumball jersey designs: Glue on some mini pompom balls on the T-shirts to make gumballs or paint them on with fabric paint. Use markers to write the words ‘My first 100 days were sweet’.

100 Days Shirt with eyeball monster aliens: Seeing lots of eyeballs can be creepy but I guess that’s the point. I love the line ‘My first 100 days were out of this world’.

100 Days of Loving School – Hearts on a T-Shirt: If for you, 100 Days of school is around Valentines, you can add a love theme to it. Celebrate 100 days of LOVING school with stick-on hearts on a T-shirt.

100 Days Brighter Gemstones on T-Shirts: Each student brings a plain T-Shirt to school and uses markers and sticky gemstones to decorate it. This is a cute way to use the popular term ‘100 Days Brighter’. Each T-Shirt gets 100 gemstones on it. These gemstones have a strong adhesive on the back and they stick on to fabric really well.

100 Days Flew By – Butterflies on a Shirt: I love this idea! Foam butterflies, one hundred of them, are stuck on this shirt. The owner was able to reuse the shirt for regular use because the butterflies did not need to be hot glued on. They were self-adhesive with enough stick to hold on to cloth. I would however use a white T-shirt, instead of this dark color, so that the colors of the words ‘100 Days Flew By’ can be clearly seen.

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