Classroom Tapestries

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Classroom tapestries are hung on the walls to give the classroom a more comfortable feel. Generally, the use of fabric gives a room a more home-like feel. Tapestries are traditionally decorative, but they can also be functional. The print on a tapestry can be a simple message with words or a picture. Teachers can use this to reinforce the message or theme of the classroom. A motivating message or slogan looks really good on a classroom tapestry, and it is a simple way to give your classroom wall something artistic that looks like a lot of design went into it.

I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission for purchases using my links. The ideas and paid links below are based on Amazon finds that are beautiful tapestries for classrooms.

How to Hang Classroom Tapestries on Walls

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There are many ways to hang tapestries on classroom walls without having to put holes in the walls. You can use an eyelet punch to make neat holes in your tapestry along the top, so that it can be hung from hooks. These hooks can be the types that you hang from your ceiling (where the ceiling meets the wall), or they can be Command hooks on the wall, adhesive ooks on the wall, or magnetic hooks along the base of your whiteboard. Strong adhesive tape can be used to keep your tapestry stationed on the classroom wall. Thumbtacks or staples can fix a tapestry to a corkboard to make a unique bulletin board. Strong fridge magnets can hold it firmly to any magnetic surface in your classroom; like a magnetic whiteboard, metal door, the side of a metal filing cabinet, or metal storage cupboards.

Examples of Classroom Tapestries

Classroom tapestries come in different themes or moods. These themes can be for promoting classroom kindness, having a calming environment, promoting a love for reading, or for motivating and encouraging students with positive affirmation messages. Tapestries that are subject area based, are used as an artistic way of showing elements of the subject area which would be more interesting for some students to see as art, rather than reading it in a book. Below is a list of examples of classroom tapestries with different moods that are all beneficial for setting the tone of your classroom.

Classroom Kindness Tapestries

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Classroom Kindness Tapestry: This large tapestry reads ‘You will never regret being kind’. It has eleven different sizing options that you can check out here.

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Treat people with kindness tapestry: A positive message in a classroom tapestry is always welcome, like this one, all about kindness to others. It comes in different sizes.

Calming Classroom Tapestries for Calm Down Corners

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Use a Calming Tapestry for a Clam Down Corner: This calm down corner is very relaxing to look at, with the waterfall tapestry in the background.

Classroom Tapestries for Motivation, Self Esteem, and Positivity

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Positive Affirmations wall tapestry: This graffiti styled tapestry has the words ‘you are brave, loved, worthy, amazing, adored, unique, kind, loved, etc. Good adjectives for building self-esteem.

Classroom Tapestries 13

Good Vibes tropical tapestry: This is a high quality polyester tapestry for a tropical or jungle themed classroom. These photo clip string lights were added. The completed look cheers up the classroom with the positive theme of ‘Good Vibes’.

Tapestries for Classroom Libraries and Reading Nooks

Most of the tapestries below have encouraging messages about the value reading books. There are other ideas you can find in this blog post about reading nooks.

Classroom Tapestries 15

Something magical happens when you read a good book Classroom Tapestry: This tapestry encourages reading and it is large enough for a classroom library area.

Classroom Tapestries 17

Read Books, Change the World tapestry: This artsy tapestry is perfect for a classroom reading nook or library. The version of it that I found (here) is mostly blue in color.

Classroom Tapestries 19

Between the Pages of a Book, is a lovely place to be Tapestry: This satin watercolor tapestry comes in different sizes, in landscape or portrait orientations.

Classroom Tapestries 21

Calming nature themed tapestries for reading nooks: Calm oceans, misty forests, and quiet mountains are picturesque examples of soothing tapestry pictures that can help students to unwind and relax.

Classroom Tapestries 23

Fantasy genre classroom theme tapestry: This teacher hung this polyester fabric tapestry in her fantasy themed classroom. Her students love it.

Science Themed Classroom Tapestries

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Biology Tapestry for Classrooms: This tapestry has diagrams of cells, the body, and different chemistry formulas. It comes in different sizes and is suitable for high school.

Math Themed Classroom Tapestries

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Math Formula Tapestry: This tapestry is filled with math formulas and it is perfect for a math teacher’s wall.

More classroom tapestry examples will be added as I find them. I hope you are inspired to find one that fits your classroom theme.

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